Pulwama massacre in IoK
Dr. Muhammd Khan


ENOUGH is enough; the Indian Army killed eleven
Kashmiris in Southern Pulwama district of Indian-
occupied Kashmir (IoK) on December 15, 2018. Among those killed three were branded by Indian Army as militants, one as soldier and seven protestors. The protestors were protesting against the fake encounter, Indian Army demonstrated to kill three Kashmiri youth. For the past two years, Indian Army is systematically killing Kashmiri youth through a planned strategy. This strategy was conceived following the takeover of the Kashmiri struggle by the youth. These youths were mobilized by the social media campaign of Burhan Wani in 2016.

Following his martyrdom in July 2016, Kashmir youth took the centre stage of the Kashmir Movement and have given unprecedented sacrifices.
The Youth of Indian-occupied Kashmir are determined to get their right of self-determination at all costs. On the other hand, the brutal Indian Army and its paramilitary forces have decided to kill Kashmiri youth through fake encounters, as an excuse. After outlining its brutal strategy of killing Kashmiri youth in mid February 2017, General Bipon Rawat, the Indian Army Chief gave a free-hand to Indian Army to kill at will, even to those kids who just raise pro-freedom slogan and pelting stones on Armoured Personnel Carriers. On May 10, 2018 General Bipon Rawat again warned the youth of IoK, “freedom was not possible” therefore surrender in front of occupation forces.
The General further said, “I know that the youth are angry. But attacking security forces, throwing stones at us isn’t the way.” What an imprudent statement from an Army Chief, his military is killing the people at will and in return they are not allowed to even resist and throw stones, the only weapon they have. The world needs to note that the maximum weapons Kashmiri youths are fighting with are stones, which Indian Army Chief certified, personally. How they can be militants, fighting the world’s 3rd largest Army. They indeed, only protest and raise slogans or pelt-stones, the maximum. These acts do not categorise them in the category of militants.
How can stone-palters incite Indian Army for brutal acts, which General Rawat said, “They are inciting security forces to become more aggressive”. It is nonsense indeed from a General, who is totally unaware of ground realities. About the youth movement, Bipon Rawat says; “Until June 2016, everything was fine. What is that incited people so much because of that one encounter? Everything was turned upside down in a few days’ time. The entire South Kashmir was out in the streets, throwing stones at us, attacking our posts.” This is the defeated mentality of a General, who admits that there are only 200 to 250 militants in IoK and has deployed over 700,000 security forces to counter them. The more Indian Army and its paramilitary forces will kill the Kashmiris, the more they will react and resists the Indian forces. In many cases, Indian Army humiliates and rapes the women folk in the garb of search and cordon operations in the occupied territory. These acts are resisted by male folk, who are killed subsequently.
The 18-month-old baby, Hiba Nisar was neither the militant nor her mother and father militants. She is the youngest child suffer pellet injuries in Shopian district of IoK on November 26, 2018. She was hit by a pellet in the right eye and as per doctors; “She had suffered cornea perforation due to the pellet injury.” Hiba underwent surgery at the Shri Maharaja Hari Singh (SMHS) hospital and lost her eyesight. On that day, Indian Army killed six Kashmiri youth in a fake encounter and injured over sixty civilians. As per Medical Superintendent of Shopian District Hospital, Zahoor Ahmad, “36 persons came to the hospital with bullet and pellet injuries” on the day, Hiba got pellet gun injury in her eyes.
These daily killings have no meaning for India and its brutal armed forces. General Rawat was very categorical in this regard once he said, “The numbers of militants who are killed in gun-battles with the Army don’t matter to me because I know this cycle will continue. I only want to stress that all this is futile; nothing is going to be achieved by them. You can’t fight the Army.” This is a reality that killing of Kashmiris means nothing for the Indian Army and Indian Government. They are not Indian nationals, thus have to suffer this fate. The question arises that no one at global level takes a note of Kashmiris killing. Is Kashmiri blood so cheap to be shed on the streets in Indian occupied Kashmir?
Like 18-month-old Hiba Nisar, thousands of Kashmiri youths have been blinded, paralysed and killed in Indian-occupied Kashmir since last two years. As per Indian Army Chief, this process (killing of Kashmiris) will continue, that means it is an organized act of genocide by Indian Army. United Nations Organisation should take note of this genocide of Kashmiri youths. Pakistan must highlight these brutalities in IoK at international forums through its diplomatic corps. The Kashmiri Diaspora must mobilize the international civil society and academic circles to highlight the Indian barbaric acts in Indian occupied Kashmir.