Balochistan: Rejecting conspiracies
Dr Muhammad Khan


BALOCHISTAN, the 43% of total Pakistani landmass, has been bestowed with tremendous potential of natural resources with high mountain barriers and a long coastal area. The people of the province are hard workers, tough, intelligent and loyal to their motherland. Unfortunately, owing to poor development over the years, mis-governance and regional and international conspiracies, there remained phases of instability in the province for quite some time. This amazing province of Pakistan is under-going international conspiracies. One of the biggest blame, which banned militant organizations like BLA, BRA, BLF and their international supporters have been levelling against the State of Pakistan, its intelligence agencies and LEAs is the case of missing persons. Indeed, these terrorist and separatists’ outfits backed by their external supporters have been killing the innocent Baloch masses and put the blame on the law enforcement agencies.

In the past, these terrorists have been using coercive techniques and cruel methods to intimidate local people to expand their influence and enlarge their support base. Their oppressive designs are extremely harsh as they brutally kill innocent people and throw away the dead bodies to inflict psychological pain to the bereaved families impersonating their frightening clout and masquerading posture. Miscreants demonstrate their real mischief by shifting the blame of their heinous crimes to Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) including FC/MI/ISI. Besides, these organizations have been sending the Baloch youth for terrorist training in various countries especially India, and portray them as missing persons. In the last two decades, thousands of Baloch youth have been sent to various countries under the patronage of these organizations for terrorist training and ultimately employing them for terrorism against the State, LEAs and to kill those innocents who challenge their narrative. Hence, by playing the double game they manage to hide their crime and present themselves as victims.
Recently, Abdul Razzaq Baloch, killed with two other militants during Chinese Consulate attack in Karachi has been in the list of missing persons as shown by BLA. As per the initial investigation Razzaq Baloch, killed during attack on Chinese Consulate was an active terrorist of BLA and shown as missing person. BLA has already claimed responsibility of this attack. For over a long period, Pak’s intelligence agencies have been blamed in context to missing persons in Pakistan. Razzaq Baloch from BLA, being part of the terrorists who attacked Chinese Consulate is hinting at something very grave. State and law-enforcement agencies have been accused of his abduction for the last two years. Reportedly, there are many such names in the missing persons’ list, but they are either living abroad or waging war against the State like Razzaq Baloch. As per analysis of the LEAs and intelligence set-up, hundreds of such people shown as missing are being used by the hostile intelligence agencies like RAW, NDS and many others. Indeed, owing to its geopolitical significance, there is a global conspiracy against the state of Pakistan. This is supplemented by writer like, Robert D. Kaplan, who says; Balochistan province of Pakistan as, “One key to its fate is the future of Gwadar, a strategic port whose development will either unlock the riches of Central Asia, or plunge Pakistan into a savage, and potentially terminal, civil war.”
Similarly, the Richard Auty presented his famous ‘Resource Curse Theory’ that exactly defines and explains the curse faced by natural resources enriched regions of the world. Historic evidences give us this unfortunate judgement that any part of the world possessing marvellous natural resources in any form, rarely enjoy its fruits. Rather such region becomes a victim of conspiracies by different actors for the occupation of its resources. In his book, ‘Sustaining Development in Mineral Economies’ Richard Auty, amply described the problems with such resourced regions and states. No doubt, natural resources are desirable, yet, can distort the economy to such a degree that the benefit actually becomes a curse. The province of Balochistan is a true manifestation of the Resource Curse Theory and the Kaplon’s vision. Balochistan has been prey to conspiracies by different regional and extra-regional powers. This God-gifted province, has immense natural resources with traditionally hardworking workforce. Apart from the explored and unexplored natural resources, the development of the strategically located Gwadar port and CPEC are two biggest projects, which displeased regional and extra-regional forces. These international forces, while using the locals initiated campaigns to destabilize the province. Local Baloch population was provoked in the name of Baloch sub-nationalism.
Nevertheless, despite these conspiracies, there has been a visible change in the outlook of the province which can be attributed to the awareness among the people of Balochistan. The Baloch masses have started rejecting those elements and their anti-state narratives. The people of province have now started realizing that their youth bulge was wrongly diverted towards those activities, which run counter to their interests and future development of their province. Now they support development of their area, education for their children and civic facilities for the masses. Balochistan is a changed province and there is a return of normalcy a wind of peace, stability and awareness for economic prosperity. The farsighted people of the province get the credit of this change; after all, nothing could have been possible without their willingness to reject the militancy and centrifugal forces. Nevertheless, the Federal Government, Provincial Government and Armed Forces of Pakistan have played their roles for promoting peace and stability in the province.