The role of ISI in perspective
Dr Muhammad Khan


WHEREAS the armed forces of Pakistan act as a strong combat force to defeat and destroy the enemies of Pakistan in physical terms, its premium intelligence agency, the Inter-services Intelligence Agency (ISI) act eyes and ears for the country. Ever since its establishment, this premium organization has acted as the first line of defence. It provided information and early warnings about the global and regional happenings with particular emphasis on the issues concerning Pakistan. Moreover, ISI through its efficient organizational structure and dedicated work force timely inform the leadership about the emerging threats and approaches to handle those threats.

During the last one and a half decades, ISI has very successfully unearthed and destroyed the network of terrorism which the enemies of Pakistan have established to destabilize and weaken the state and society of Pakistan. It has successfully unearthed the sponsors, supporters, financers and sympathizers of terrorism, extremism and radicalization both within Pakistan and outside. Indeed, this premium intelligence agency helps all other government institutions within Pakistan with a view to timely reacting against any eventuality. Its well-established information system has greatly helped during the on-going Operation Rad-ul-Fassad, indeed, the decisive operation against radicalization and militancy. The tremendous achievements of ISI have obligated some regional and global spying networks to counter and defame this brilliant organization. For the last two decades, these networks and their media have been issuing misleading assertions against ISI. Very recently an article written by Vicky Nanjappa, entitled, “Here is why the ISI may have killed father of Taliban Maulana Sami-ul-Haq”. The article contains malicious propaganda against ISI in the backdrop of killing of Maulana Same ul Haq. This is worth mentioning that Maulana Samiul Haq has enjoyed an excellent relationship with Pakistan’s military Establishment since Afghan war-1980s and being the head of Dafa-e-Pakistan Council has supported all acts of armed forces of Pakistan.
Unfortunately, this article and many other such like articles and conspiracies are aimed at defaming the ISI and Pakistani military establishment at a critical point, once Pakistan is trying to support the peace and reconciliation process in Afghanistan. This is illogical and indeed misleading that Pakistan can oppose peace process in Afghanistan. The reality is that; the Government of Pakistan, the Military establishment, ISI and the people of Pakistan are convinced that peace in Pakistan is directly linked with peace in Afghanistan. Therefore, today everyone in Pakistan is desirous of reconciliation between Taliban and Afghan Government for a larger peace and stability. Pakistan has been worst hit by instability and war in Afghanistan, thus wants peace there sooner than later. Indeed, Maulana Samiul Haq was killed at a time, once there were protests against the Aasiya Bibi verdict by Supreme Court by a religious outfit. Some analysts feel that through this murder, the anti-state elements in Pakistan wanted to further fuel the deteriorating law and order condition to create a situation of chaos and anarchy in the country. Further, the murder of Maulana Sami could have been aimed to compel Afghan Taliban to turn against Pakistan. The credit goes to Pakistani nation, its Government and the military establishment including ISI, that they took visionary decisions and avoided a major chaos in Pakistan. Indeed, Pak Army and ISI are the greatest promoter of peace process in Afghanistan. This is indeed, mischievous that Maulana was supporting the US in the reconciliation process. Indeed, Pakistan Army and ISI have been supporting the reconciliation and peace process and asked the US many a time to support the same.
The question arises, whether US and India really desire and encourage peace and stability in Afghanistan. In case of peace in Afghanistan, India and U.S may not find an excuse to stay there for a long time. Pakistan will be a direct beneficiary of peace and stability in Afghanistan. Indeed, after having analysed the role of other spying networks, one learns that the whole propaganda campaign against ISI and armed forces of Pakistan is being led by India through RAW. While the RAW leads this, NDS of Afghanistan and CIA of United States act as active supporters. RAW has been collaborating with NDS to manage terrorism in Pakistan through Baloch Sub-Nationalists and also through misguided religious terrorist outfits like TTP and even ISIS. Today, there are five high level advisors of RAW, employed by NDS in a way, RAW uses NDS as its tool. Regionally and globally it is ISI which has to compete and tackle all the hostile spying networks and their huge infrastructure. It is always difficult to deal with highly sophisticated international spying networks. However, the ISI does it for its country single-handed and with extreme proficiency which make it a target in the eyes of many domestically as well as internationally. Unlike the cruel spying networks like RAW, CIA, NDS and Mossad, ISI has maintained a clean conduct ever since its establishment. ISI has neither established inhuman camps like Guantanamo Bay nor colonised its neighbours or undertook massacre. Moreover, it has not been created to destabilize its neighbours like the RAW or to unleash the terror like Mossad. On the issue of Afghanistan, Pakistan cannot wish for Afghanistan anything which it does not wish for itself. It only wants peace and stability in its brotherly Muslim country. Indian and US would always like to create and promote hated between Pakistan and Afghan. They misled Afghans about Pakistan, its armed forces and particularly about the ISI. The reality is that Pakistan, its armed forces and ISI would like a peaceful Afghanistan with political stability and economic prosperity. Afghan masses and Kabul guards must understand all these conspiracies before it is too late.