Valour and commitment of LEAs
Mohammad Jamil


A terror attack targeting the Chinese Consulate in Karachi’s Clifton area was foiled by security forces that conducted an operation killing all the three terrorists within one hour. However, two of the three policemen manning a check-post at the Consulate gate were martyred while fighting off the assault. Reportedly, police posted for the security of Chinese Consulate had been trained by the Army, which was reason that the threat was neutralized within one hour. It also transpired that family members of Abdul Razzaq Baloch son of Din Muhammad had lodged FIR in 2015 that he was missing, and accused the state and law-enforcement agencies of his abduction. In fact, there are many names in the missing persons’ list that are actually living abroad, getting training in India or Afghanistan or waging war against the State. Now it has become clear as to how the State and intelligence agencies are being maligned in the missing persons’ issue.

Anyhow, the question is who could be the prime beneficiary of such an action against the Chinese in Pakistan? Certainly, India, Afghanistan and the US who do not wish to see progress and prosperity in Pakistan through CPEC, and also as a result of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s successful tours of Saudi Arabia, UAE, China and Malaysia. Enemies of Pakistan are also frustrated over Pakistan Army’s success in the operations that destroyed terrorists’ infrastructure and decimated their network, and brought peace in KP, FATA and elsewhere. However, there are number of sleeping cells in Karachi being operated by RAW, NDS and CIA; and it is in this backdrop that COAS General Qamar Javed Bajwa has said that war against terrorism is not yet over. He added that Pakistan and China should focus on their economic goals and remain steadfast to meet future challenges.
It has been confirmed that the three terrorists belonged to BLA which has accepted the responsibility for the attack. A renowned English daily in its editorial wrote: “If Balochistan is truly to take advantage of the historic opportunity that is CPEC, wrong-headed approach of the State in tackling what is at core a political problem by military means will have to change”. It appears to be an effort to divert the attention from vile acts of terrorists and their backers; and create sympathy for them. Some analysts and politicians raise the question as to how the terrorists could reach the Chinese Consulate without being checked on the way, not realizing that police cannot check/search each and every vehicle plying on the road. According to another report, Aslam Achchu is the mastermind of the attack on Chinese Consulate in Karachi who was injured in an operation in Sibbi and is under treatment in a hospital in Delhi.
Since 2008, Pakistan’s military during operations destroyed the terrorist infrastructure and cleared KP and FATA. However, there are a few of their remnants hiding in the remote areas and also in Afghanistan who plan and execute terror acts in Pakistan. Meanwhile, ISPR has quoted COAS General Qamar Javed Bajwa having said: “Besides kinetic efforts, we have to take measures to address the root causes while staying cognizant of inimical forces and foreign hostile agencies”. He added that within the folds of the National Action Plan, the country should support national focus on socio-economic development so that people of Pakistan reaped dividends of improving security. He had been persuading the previous government to implement the National Action Plan in its entirety but previous government during its five- year tenure was not serious enough in implementing the NAP in letter and in spirit.
On the other hand, chattering classes continue blaming Pakistan and turn a blind eye to India’s support to BLA and other dissident groups. Baloch Liberation Army, a pro-India militant organization has claimed the responsibility for the recent attack. A spokesman for the group told media organizations by phone that all three suicide bombers who tried to enter the Chinese Consulate belonged to BLA. He released pictures of three terrorists claiming they were from its ‘fidayeen’ group. Although Sindh government had failed in equal measure so far as implementation of National Action Plan was concerned, yet CM Sindh Syed Murad Shah directed law enforcement agencies to speed up intelligence-based targeted operation against terrorists in the metropolis to avert such incidents in future. It is heartening to note that police have shown marked improvement in their capacity and operational professionalism during the operation, which has been hailed by all.
It will be appropriate to make a mention of valour and commitment by Additional Superintendent Police (SP) Sohai Aziz Talpur, who has received accolades for setting an example of bravery. She was so unassuming that during an interview when the reporter praised her for her valour and courage, she said the real heroes were those who laid down their lives to stop the terrorists from entering the Consulate. Chief Minister Sindh Syed Murad Ali Shah, Chinese Consul General, Federal Water Resources Minister Faisal Vawda, Karachi Police Chief Amir Shaikh and Inspector General Sindh Kaleem Imam praised her bravery and fearlessness. The Chinese Consul General was of the view that the terrorists could have succeeded in their ulterior motives if Sohai Aziz Talpur hadn’t responded to the attack within time. It is testimony to the fact that our girls and womenfolk are on the forefront to defeat evil designs of the enemies of Pakistan.