Old mantra of Surgical Strikes
Reema Shaukat


India is not able to forget its old intonation of surgical strikes.India with its inherent animosity towards Pakistan keeps on adding fuel to fire through different means. Instead of trying to have better strategic relations and as nuclear neighbours where both are expected to act normally but, Indian side is seen as igniting any issue and grabbing the matter for long. 2016 was a disturbed year between India and Pakistan not only on case of Burhan Wani but on issue of cross border terrorism and surgical strikes. India created a melodrama of surgical strike just to divert attention of rest of world and particularly regional players from its nefarious activities in Kashmir and arms race in South Asian region.To make a situation like war, India created hysteria among masses by broadcasting on and off that Pakistan starts firing across line of control and India answers fully Pakistani violations anywhere. India keeps its rhetoric just to give shield to its brutalities in Kashmir and divert world focus on Pakistan, India escalates tensions which actually India fabricates for its easy escape. India claimed that it made surgical strike in Pakistan to teach it a lesson and to stop Pakistan from state sponsoring terrorism.Pakistan on other side to show the world real picture about India propaganda of surgical strikes made local and international media visit LOC. The media was allowed to visit the military’s check posts and interact with the local population, who categorically denied presence of Indian boots on Pakistani soil.

Inappropriately India with its inherent nature of animosity is all set to release another episode of surgical strike saga. According to Indian media sources on first anniversary of surgical strike which it conducted in September, 2016 India is releasing book hoopla. India’s repeated reinforcement of surgical strike narration is coming in form of two books. One is “Securing India The Modi Way: Pathankot, Surgical Strikes and More” by Nitin A.Gokhale and other is “India’s Most Fearless: Of Surgical Strikes and Tales of Bravery”. Suing a victorious surgical strike Lt Gen D S Hooda (retd) of Indian Army said “we went across the Line of Control at multiple places under Pakistan’s 10 Corps and caught them by total surprise. It embarrassed the Pakistan Army so much that their immediate action was denial. And it shocked them so much that they went overboard in their reaction”. While boosting about Indian plans to launch surgical strike Gen Hooda said that “yes we are ready. In some ways, the glass ceiling has been shattered. The Special Forces have gained tremendous confidence in their ability to execute a complex operation in very hostile territory. They have been exposed to the planning processes that go into making such operations a success”. And lastly Gen Hooda statement of keeping adversary under pressure exposes the Indian resentment against Pakistan. Not only his words show that India was deterred by Pakistan on LoC but the feeling of revenge and defeat still loams around Indian Army.
1965 and 1971 wars between India and Pakistan taught India a lesson that Pakistan with its limited military strength has the potential to overcome its enemy. But India with the false claims of successful surgical strike last year is prepared to launch its happenings in form of book. Saying that India successfully carried out surgical strikes through its brave soldiers seems another fabricated tale to ease out its public. While drawing the attention of local Indians from problems Modi government has created within India and negating support for cross border terrorism, the preface of this book definitely highlights its propaganda mind-set behind this book. The author says that “the speculation about the chapters has already led to a buzz and condemnation across the border in Pakistan that has staunchly denied that the 2016 surgical strikes even happened. On the strength of these first-hand accounts, it remains to be seen if the Modi government will decide to further proffer photographic or other proof of the operations. For now, these chapters propose the most direct wager to Islamabad”.
So definitely the Indian mind set and instigating statements by Indian media depict that they are already sure of their successful propaganda on surgical strike but Pakistan fully replied to Indian war hysteria and surgical strike saga earlierand will definitely not let this one succeed also. Last year General Bipin Rawat statements on surgical strikes were enough proof of Indian false proclamations and depicted Indian mentality not to stay at peace with Pakistan. He said that Indian Army will not shy away from a second surgical strike if peace in region is disrupted. We are not a war mongering nation but there are certain thresholds that shouldn’t be crossed.
Our response will vary and 1.3 million strong force has the requisite will, intelligence and capability to destroy terror wherever it emanates. Dynamics of terrorism is constantly changing and that Indian Army is thinking ahead in that direction. While blaming Pakistan he said that with this fact that terrorists infiltrating from adversary’s side means that they are getting support from them (Pakistani forces) and while thinking ahead we already have started rolling ball in that direction.It is assumed that Modi led extremist government in India, which is continuously raising defence budget, signings defence deals, purchasing arms and ammunition in bulk and experimenting nuclear war heads and Inter Continental Ballistic Missiles (ICBMs) on regular intervals, carrying out propagandas against Pakistan can act senselessly anytime. Pakistan is very clear about its peace efforts in region but India has to rethink as it had been the main hurdle to maintain regional peace and engages with its neighbour Pakistan by creating atmosphere of blame games, hostile statements and propaganda in order to malign Pakistan and serve its domestic agenda.