Dragging Kashmiri youth body
Muhammad Khan


IT was hard to see the barbaric act, where body of a Kashmir youth tied to a military jeep and dragged in the streets in Indian occupied Kashmir (IOK). Indeed, it is a blatant violation of human rights and humiliation of a dead body with no parallel in even uncivilized societies. Not Kashmiri but for any sane person, how difficult is to see, “Indian soldiers drag the bloodied, half-naked body” of a Kashmiri youth, killed by them in a fake encounter, just because he raised slogan against the Indian occupation of his motherland. In fact, every Kashmiri is against Indian occupation and desire to have their homeland freed from Indian occupation. In response to a question about dragging the body, asked by an Indian journalist, accompanying the Army team, the officer heading them told him that, this a “normal procedure”. Yes, this a normal procedure of killing Kashmir you in fake encounters, and drag their bodies into the streets of IOK, to frighten other Kashmiris, especially the youth to remain away from the demand of freedom. It is as per directive of Indian Army Chief, General Bipin Rawat, who is mastermind of this new strategy; killing the Kashmiri youth and humiliating their bodies into streets and bazars, so that others learn a lesson.

On May 9, 2018, General Bipin Rawat clearly warned the Kashmiri youth that, not to resist Indian Army, since “freedom was not possible”. He categorically said in a warning statement, “The numbers of militants who are killed in gun battles with the army don’t matter to me because I know this cycle will continue. I only want to stress that all this is futile; nothing is going to be achieved by them. You can’t fight the army.” This official statement of Indian Army Chief and evidences like killing and dragging the dead bodies of Kashmir youth is sufficient to refer the Kashmir case to International Criminal Court (ICC) “The ICC has the jurisdiction to prosecute individuals for the international crimes of genocide, crimes against humanity, and war crimes. The evidences, we have clearly indicate, Kashmir case as a case of genocide.
While ignoring all such warnings and killings, the Kashmiri youth are continuing their struggle for their independence. Another video went viral, a month earlier, shows a live debate between a Kashmiri boy (age 15-17 years) with a Brigade Commander of Indian Army. This boy clearly tells the Indian Brigadier and his team that, ‘you are not letting us to study and live with peace. Moreover, ‘you have created an atmosphere of terror in the IOK, making us difficult to come out from our home’. Salute to the bravery of this boy, who finally told the Brigadier that, ‘we are not afraid of your brutalities, and that, we will continue our peaceful struggle for freedom from Indian yoke, since it is our birth right.’
The current wave of Indian brutalities in IOK is totally directed towards youth. As a strategy, Indian military patrols the streets of occupied Valley in IOK, make use of intelligence network to mark the houses and educational institutions where youth having anti-sentiments resides or study. In the subsequent days, these youths are arrested through night raids and while leaving the educational institutions. They are taken to military camps and torture centres for interrogation, kept there for few days and then killed in fake encounters. Dates, time and location of these fake encounters are decided by Army Headquarters according to the political needs.
In most of the cases, these fake encounters are conducted in villages near the LoC or right on LoC, to blame that, these people have been trained and infiltrated across the LoC in IOK by Pakistan, a sort of a cross border militancy? Generally, fake encounters are staggers keeping in view the impact; India is looking from to give a message either to domestic audience, the Indian population or international community. The sufferers in any case are the poor and innocent Kashmiris, especially the youth. It is worth pointed out that, before conducting these fake encounters, these youth are given weapons and ammunition to prove that, they are really militants and have in fact attacked Indian Army posts, camps, patrols or conveys.
Dragging the bloodied dead body of a Kashmir youth into the streets of IOK, is not the first act of inhuman treatment of dead bodies but, rightly said by Indian Army officer that, it is a routine matter may be publically revealed occasionally, since videos cannot be made and aired in isolated places, where bulk of youth are being killed. This incident and incidents like tying Farooq Dar, another Kashmiri youth with a Military Jeep in 2017, were only made public, since they were conducted in populated are to teach others a lesson. The Indian Army Major Gogoi, who tied Farooq Dar on the bonnet of his jeep as a human shield, was later warded Commendation Card by Army Chief General Bipin Rawat, what a shame. As per Indian Army spokesperson in IOK, this was aimed to show that, “this will be the fate of stone-pelters”. What impact, stone pelting will make on APCs and hard top jeeps. But, aim was and is to kill or at least humiliate the Kashmiri youth so that, they remain away from peaceful protests against Indian occupation.
For the people of Indian occupied Kashmir, nothing has changed since Dogra Rule, rather for them every new day comes with new techniques of cruelty, adopted by Indian Army to kill, torture or humiliate the Kashmiri youth. “Even the dead have no respect in Kashmir. When these things come in the media, it creates deep hatred. It does not change anything. It only exposes how Indian Army is acting in Kashmir.” IOK has virtually become a cage, and caged Kashmiris are looking towards international community and Pakistan for the stoppage of genocide of Kashmiri youth at least. It is a mystery as to why all human rights organizations are strangely quite over this extreme human rights violations?