India has betrayed
Syeda Mazhar


Notorious for blame game and defaming Pakistan, India’s keen participation in the media propaganda has been exposed in the book Betrayal of India. Recently, German author Elias Davidson in his book titled “Betrayal of India- revisisting the 26/11 Evidence” disclosed that the 2008 Mumbai attacks were preplanned and executed by India itself while the United States and Israel were also complicit in conceiving, planning, directing and executing the attacks and India directly blamed Pakistan for these attacks. Being present a deliberate and tacit consensus within mainstream media, RAW, judiciary, political elite, police and investigating agencies to cover up the true facts on 26/11,it amounted to protection of the real criminals.

Moreover, 26/11 or Mumbai attacks in November 2008 were projected as India’s 9/11,with an objective to tell US and international community that India was a victim of terrorism and the world needed to ostracize Pakistan. Elias Davidsson has rebutted the Indian narrative and proved with authenticity that Indian version was totally concocted, based on deceit and outright lies, and that it was promulgated through a well thought out disinformation campaign ensconced in hyperbole.
Immediate finger pointing of the perpetrator is typical modus operandi in false flag operations. When officials claim to know the identity of a perpetrator prior to any serious investigation, this suggests that a false narrative is being initiated and that strenuous efforts will soon be made to implant it in the mind of a population. Indian judiciary was still holding investigation parades to identify culprits of Mumbai attacks when the picture of Ajmal Kassab had already been floated to media as a possible terrorist is unfair and miscarriage of justice.
Ajmal Kassab claimed during investigation before court that he was arrested 3 weeks before attacks which he later on retracted While Indian government also claimed that Ajmal Kassab wanted to destroy Taj Mehal hotel, which was absurd and an impossible act since total explosive found on assailants was only 6 Kgs.
Indian media, in its hysteria has crossed all limits of mudslinging. The international audience is taken aback and confounded. The book present irrefutable evidence of how India is lying to the whole world and pulling the wool over its eyes because it wants to brush under the carpet the scores of insurgencies in its states where New Delhi pursues inhuman policies to keep people in bondage.
Key witnesses were not called to testify. Witnesses who said they saw the terrorists commit violence, or spoke to them, or were in the same room with them, were ignored by the court. Mumbai police commissioner at the time had stated that attackers were Indian citizens’ belonged to the north Indian states but later even he retracted his statement. Similarly none of the witnesses who were presented in the court confessed to have seen the assailants kill or attack anyone. The contamination of the facts and figures by the Indian police has been a long used tactic of the Indian government which they took a step further this time and Hindu radicals aided by the Mumbai Police killed Karkare, who was about to disclose the role of Hinduvta behind Mumbai attacks.
Contradictions and miracles were not sorted out; one victim was apparently resurrected from the dead when his testimony was essential to the blaming of Pakistan. A second victim died in two different places, while a third died in three places. Why no one from the Indian commando battalion of 800 soldiers rushed to battle ‘eight terrorists’ was allowed to testify in court? Questions that forever remained unanswered yet the conclusion was drawn and Pakistan was blamed.
The fact that Indian security forces took three days to kill the eight terrorists in their own country indicates fabrication to the claim of Pakistani involvement. What it points towards more is that the terrorists had local support which was why they were able to effectively evade the Indian security forces. The Indian media veiled the failure of intelligence agencies openly while the agencies actively produced selective and fallacious material to misguide the masses.
This book has bared the unfair drawn conclusions without being able to address prime evidences and has largely failed to reach a viable conclusion doing injustice to the whole case. Furthermore, in his book, No organization is known to have claimed responsibility for the complex operation conducted in Mumbai where as the major beneficiaries from the Mumbai attacks were RAW and Indian government.
Terrorists committed deeds changes repeatedly. The story, the crime scenes and bodies were violated and hauled away before proper investigation was ensued. Indian authorities even declined autopsies on dead at targeted Jewish Centre in Nariman house. The dead were whisked back to Israeal by Jewish organization based in Israel, allegedly for religious reasons.
Spewing hate against Pakistan and the Muslim world, Indian government’s official claim of knowing the perpetrator prior to any serious investigation just indicates the utter maligning of Pakistan’s position. Indian paranoia or rather hatred for its neighbor has erupted into absolutely disgraceful adoption of orchestrating a drama to fool the International community and insult their intelligence simultaneously.