Denigration drive by RAW
Reema Shaukat


IT is now pertinent hint that India has never accepted Pakistan since its inception and time and again certain roguish activities and blame game against Pakistan make captions. Indian intelligence agency RAW is always trying to exploit every sinister trick and tactics to poke its nose in internal affairs of Pakistan and keeps on trying to sabotage its peace and malign armed forces through altered manoeuvres. Recently, a news article captioned “Pak Military’s vested interest behind anti Indianism” was published by RAW’s organization, “A Publication of Bureau of Political Research and Analysis”, which is based in New Delhi. This publication contained one of article which covers the highlights by Hussain Haqqani new book and thus using words to malign Pakistan by his anti-Pakistan rhetoric.

The new book by Hussain Haqqani titled “Reimagining Pakistan: Transforming a Dysfunctional Nuclear State” and is published by Harper Collins Publishers, India in April, 2018 which clearly show how Indians are using self-exiled and ex-Pakistani ambassador to US for their malicious intentions against Pakistan. Hussain Haqqani in recent past has appeared to be more loyalist to USA and less stalwart to Pakistan. Hussain Haqqani who is serving currently as Director for South and Central Asia at the Hudson Institute in Washington DC and his wife Farah Naz Ispahani both are often found trying their best to gain popularity as true patriotic Pakistani through their books and public talks which certainly is doubtful because of their anti-Pakistan statements. Mr. H.Haqqani opted to align his loyalties with CIA and RAW to “pay back” Pakistan for the sins that allowed him to become the top most diplomat. He along with his spouse authored books like “Pakistan: Between Mosque and Military”, “Magnificent Delusions: Pakistan, the United States and an Epic History of Misunderstandings” and “Purifying the Land of the Pure; Pakistan’s Religious Minorities”, “India vs Pakistan: Why can’t we just be friends?”.
Be it a platform of a US based forum i.e. South Asians Against Terrorism & For Human Rights (SAATH) or Times Literature Festival Delhi (TLDF); be it an anti-Pakistan talk conducted at Stimson Centre or Carnegie Endowment; be it a book launch or memorial of Akbar Bugti’s death anniversary, Haqqani and his wife spare no occasion or an international platform to spit venom against Pakistan, its ideology and institutions, particularly the security structure exclusively to soothe Indian spy agency RAW. Generally key content of their speeches and talks always include promoting inter provincial hatred, spreading despair and chaos as well as maligning the image of national institutions, culture, religion and name of Pakistan. Again, this new book “Reimagining Pakistan”, the title very much suggests what kind of Pakistan he is trying to portray to the rest of world with his logics. He in this book explains how warm and hospitable people of Pakistan have paid the price for its leader’s mistakes, and now they are described across the world today as “dangerous”, “un-stable”, “a terrorist incubator” and “the land of the intolerant”.
Following the claims of terrorist producing country by India and West, Hussain Haqqani also supports the false claim of adversaries in his book by saying Pakistan remains relentlessly hostile to India, while maintaining an expensive military and thereby supports Jihadi terrorist organizations. This avowal by Haqqani holds no ground as rest of world other than US and India, know very well how Pakistan has defeated terrorism on its soil. Arrest of Kul Bhushan Yadav and his confessions of nefarious activities of R&AW by exploiting sub nationalists, mass murder of innocent civilians like Hazaras, sponsoring extremists organizations for spread of terrorism in Pakistan and clandestine operations by RAW-NDS nexus to destabilize the region by promoting extremist terrorists organizations like ISIS, TTP, ETIM are clear examples of Indians odious tactics for Pakistan.
Using the Salman Rushdie words who once said about Pakistan that it is a poorly managed country, Haqqani untruthfully proclaims that indeed Pakistan has meant different things to different people since its birth seventy years ago. Armed with nuclear weapons and dominated by the military and militants, much of Pakistan’s dysfunction is attributable to an ideology tied to religion and to hostility with the country out of which is was carved out – India. The publishers of this book already claimed that launch of this book on Pakistan’s seventieth independence anniversary will be a gift from Indians and arrogantly stating they mentioned that one can imagine that former Pakistan’s ambassador to the US, a compulsive detractor of Pakistan, who does not see anything worthwhile in Pakistan, would continue with his invectives against Pakistan and its institutions, especially military.
It is very much obvious now that R&AW through its front organization “A Publication of Bureau of political Research and Analysis” keeps on maligning Pakistan and its armed forces one way or the other. It’s not about Haqqani’s book alone where they are busy in negatively portraying Pakistan’s image in world’s eyes but time and again they publish negative articles and continue their vilifying campaign against Pakistan. With such anti-Pakistan statements and known spies it becomes responsibility of Pakistani media to expose such scapegoats on every forum so that one cannot mislead general public. And those who believe that by propagating against Pakistan they will win international media and key players in region are surely wrong as Pakistan knows well how to shield its existence and recognizes all kinds of sinister elements.