Detractors of Pakistan should be exposed
Muhammad Jamil


PSEUDO-intellectuals, a few self-styled analysts and some unconscionable elements of political parties had been critical of the military perhaps on the assumption that by weakening the military they will become stronger. Secondly, they wished to cover up their incompetence and failures to deliver to the masses. During PPP-led government, Pakistan’s former ambassador to the US Hussain Haqqani was involved in Memogate scandal. One would not know what he did was at his own volition or at the behest of the then government. Whatever the case may be, some over-ambitious individuals and detractors of Pakistan like Hussain Haqqani do not feel ashamed of denigrating their own country and depicting Pakistan’s institutions in poor light. It is regrettable that some unconscionable Pakistanis have become part of the US and Indian organized propaganda campaign against their own country, and play an ignominious role by joining hands with enemies of Pakistan.

In one of his speeches on various occasions, former COAS General Raheel Sharif had rightly said: “Pakistan’s current enemy lives within us and looks like us; in contemporary geopolitics, the battles are no longer between state and non-state actors but are with supra-individuals, those individuals who exploit both the national and international space for their desired objectives. They have the capacity to manipulate networks, organisations and state institutions to create waves of instability and create discord at the centre of the state institutions.” One such character and absconder is Hussain Haqqani, who is one of main actors of international conspiracy against Pakistan. This evil generous is an asset for the anti-Pakistan lobbies of the US and the West; therefore his repatriation is also a million dollar question. He criticizes ideological basis of Pakistan, its Armed Forces, role of Judiciary and accuses Pakistan of human rights violations and plight of minorities. A long awaited decision from the Supreme Court of Pakistan has finally been announced on ‘Memogate Scandal’, whereby the court ordered to take steps to bring former ambassador to the US Hussain Haqqani back to Pakistan within 30 days. All-out efforts should be made to get him back as soon as possible and bring him to justice. He has been playing openly in the hands of Indians, as he frequently visits India and attends seminars and conferences, where his only purpose is to deliver anti-Pakistan speeches. He is the main character behind the SAATH (South Asian Against Terrorism and Human Rights) forum, and he uses this platform to denigrate Pakistan and its institutions. When he was Pakistan’s Ambassador to the US, he had issued visas to scores of CIA agents like Raymond Davis to weaken Pakistan, and developed secret liaisons with Indo-Israeli lobbies to destabilize Pakistan.
He had claimed that his connections with the Obama administration enabled the US to target and kill Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden. His book “Reimagining Pakistan: Transforming a Dysfunctional Nuclear State” is an effort to defame Pakistan. Since the court has ordered to bring him back to Pakistan, it is suggested that to engage a renowned international lawyer like Ahmer Bilal Soofi to prepare a strong case against the absconder. Furthermore, the case of his repatriation may be included in all the bilateral talks between Pakistan and the US. The PEMRA should exercise complete media blackout of Hussain Haqqani and his assets in Pakistan should be confiscated along with freezing his bank accounts. In April 2015, Hussain Haqqani, had written an article in the Wall Street Journal titled ‘Why are we sending this attack helicopter to Pakistan’? Even when he was Pakistan’s Ambassador, he advanced the US interests.
He referred to the then Obama administration’s decision to sell almost $1 billion worth US-made attack helicopters, missiles and other equipment to Pakistan. He wrote: “Pakistan’s failure to tackle its jihadist challenge is not the result of a lack of arms, but reflects an absence of will. Unless Pakistan changes its worldview, American weapons will end up being used to fight or menace India and perceived domestic enemies instead of being deployed against jihadists.” Can anybody imagine that a former Pakistan’s Ambassador to the US could spew venom against his own country – the country he represented in the past? He went on to write: “Between 1950 and 1969, the US gave $4.5 billion in aid to Pakistan partly in the hope of using Pakistani troops in anti-Communist wars. Pakistan did not contribute a single soldier for the wars in Korea or Vietnam.”
It was unfortunate that Hussain Haqqani was appointed as an Ambassador to the US when everybody knew about his whereabouts, and especially the views he expressed in his book titled ‘Pakistan between mosque and military.’ Once, he was Media Advisor to Punjab CM Nawaz Sharif, when Benazir Bhutto was Prime Minister of Pakistan. He served once caretaker Prime Minister Ghulam Mustafa Jatoi in 1990, and then switched back again to serve Nawaz Sharif when he was elected as Prime Minister. In 1992, he was sent to Sri Lanka as Pakistan’s High Commissioner showing utter disregard to merit. On the eve of Nawaz Sharif’s dismissal by the then President under 58-2(B) on 18 April 1993, he joined President Ghulam Ishaq Khan’s bandwagon. Immediately, he was rewarded and made Special Assistant to the caretaker Prime Minister Mir Balakh Sher Mazari with the rank of Minister of State. He was a turncoat having no parallel in Pakistan’s history.