India launches pre-emptive psywar
Mian Saifur Rehman


With the objective of maligning and isolating Pakistan further, India has escalated its ‘pre-emptive psywar’ by way of which it plans to create crisis scenes followed by a smear campaign, putting all the blame on Pakistan for such occurrences that have, however, been a making of India itself as proven from its track record.

The latest strategy adopted by India has come to the fore in the form of a false alert by its IB (Intelligence Bureau) which projects an imaginary crisis scenario, saying that Pakistan-sponsored attacks may take place within the next 15 days in Kathua near Jammu and Gurdaspur and Pathankot in Punjab.

The Indian IB alert or input further says that Pakistan is planning a major terror strike in Jammu and Kashmir and Punjab as four terrorists have already infiltrated into India from the Punjab border and through Bamtal Sector and it also gives an imaginary timeframe of ‘next 15 days’.

If this input is analysed objectively and in the backdrop of some such attacks stage-managed by Indian agents in the past accompanied with sustained blame games against Pakistan, it can be inferred that Indian agencies have identified spots for creating trouble and also fixed the time schedule with so much ‘accuracy’ with the sole objective of isolating Pakistan in the world.

The series of attacks will be launched by India and blame would be put on Pakistan to paint the latter as a rogue, terrorist country from where acts of terrorism are being launched against India.

According to the Indian IB alert, the so-called terrorists were now waiting for arms and ammunition to be supplied to them soon through different sources including a man from the underworld.

It may be recalled that Pathankot had earlier been the centre of a major terror strike by terrorists who launched a nearly three-day bomb and gun attack on an Indian Air Force base in the border town, killing seven security personnel and breaking down the planned peace talks between India and Pakistan.

In fact, the peace dialogue including composite dialogue and confidence-building measures have always been the ‘target’ of such crisis scenes and most often it has been proved beyond doubt that Indian agencies have been the chief sponsors of such attacks.