Fake encounters on LoC to suppress Intafada
Mian Saifur Rehman


Indian army is targeting and killing innocent villagers residing on the Line of Control (LoC) and at the same time it is propagating on a constant footing that the targeted people are militants, as it did during the last three, four days when 13 persons were killed in Machil, Uri and Poonch sectors.

One important aspect of this propaganda is that the blame is put on Pakistan for infiltrating these (killed) persons whom India labels as militants sent to disturb the law and order situation in Occupied Kashmir.

Actual fact is that no such infiltration is taking place nor is Pakistan engaged in such activities at all. The fact is that during the spring season in particular and during the times when the weather is not harsh, the locals of the area who reside on the LoC, usually go close, in some cases, inadvertently cross the LoC for logging/collection of medicinal herbs which are then sold in the market.

But Indian Army is bent upon ignoring this widely and well-known reality due to its aggressive posture and has, instead, started killing as well as apprehending these innocent Kashmiris and declaring them as militants and/or facilitators and then propagating this act as a foiling of infiltration bids.

Reportedly, Indian security forces are also involved in fake encounters of civilians as well as arrested freedom-fighters and stone pelters who are already in their custody in different jails. These actions are being taken to pressurize the local populace living near the LoC. The so-called Indian ‘strategy’ is to control the ongoing Intafada (uprising) by creating high degree of deterrence so that no one in the local population could think of helping the freedom-fighters (Mujahideen).

Taking into account the track record of India’s propaganda series, it can be inferred that the intensification of Indian propaganda at this stage is also designed to pressurize Pakistan into retracting their moral, principled support to Kashmiris’ just freedom struggle and from highlighting the issue internationally.