When state of Pakistan asserts itself
Mian Saifur Rehman


Uproar in Pakistan and among Pakistanis is justified following the horrible revelations made by Raymond Davis in his/CIA’s book ‘The Contractor’ obviously because it was something that gave the feel of surrender of sovereignty of a country like Pakistan which is equipped with one of the best armies of the world.

Questions are being asked and now a petition has also been filed with the superior judiciary calling in question the role of executives and leaders of the national institutions and political spectrum but one thing is being ignored that Raymond Davis matter also gave our state and its institutions an opportunity to understand the undercurrents with all their intricacies and designs (read anti-Pakistan designs) and then address them in an effective, befitting manner so as to rid the country permanently of platforms of conspiracies and destabilizing intrigues. In this way it can also be called a blessing in disguise as it heralded the complete disbandment of American contractors/agents like the infamous ‘Blackwater’ and similar under-cover setups that had around 700 personnel working inside Pakistan. These personnel were housed in around 300 houses inside Islamabad and God knows how many more of them were operational in other cities of Pakistan under the cover of some other organizations whose names have not come to the fore.

While the state of Pakistan and its institutions asserted themselves forcefully to banish Blackwater and similar structures and their personnel forever from Pakistan during the times Raymond Davis matter was hot in the country, assertive role of Pakistan’s state structures was also witnessed on some other occasions as was evidenced during the times following the Salala incident. USA had to beg of Pakistan to put an end to embargo imposed punitively in the wake of Salala occurrence.

Even in the matter of ‘Do more’ mantra, Pakistan has never compromised its basic, vital interests and whenever Pakistani institutions acted against terrorists, it was not done at the behest of foreign powers or according to their timeframe or desire but in accordance with the need of the times and for the sake of the survival of innocent people of Pakistan.

A comparison should also be drawn between Raymond Davis’ dash to USA and Osama bin Laden operation. The latter was an act of transgression of limits on the part of USA but in the former case (that of Raymond Davis) legal procedures were followed, even though a number of people still have reservations about these ‘deals’.