BSF-Indian army rift surfaces
Mian Saifur Rehman


Serious rift has been reported from the Line of Control (Loc) region between Indian Army officials and Border Security Force (BSF) personnel.

According to well-informed sources, the reason behind this rift is the hegemonic and arrogant posturing of Indian Army officials who usually take credit of operational achievements even in those operations that are conducted jointly by Indian Army and BSF and in which BSF personnelís contribution is much higher than the troops from the regular armed forces.

The other day, BSF units deployed under Army Operations Control on LoC raised concern that Army takes credit of each and every operational achievement whereas BSF participation in operations goes unnoticed. BSF authorities are much concerned over this situation considering it a main reason of low morale of BSF troops deployed on LoC which is a matter of serious concern for a force operating in the forefront.

Subsequently, BSF units deployed on LoC were instructed that no commitment would be made to Army without approval of higher authorities or the BSF HQs. In case, any proposal is received from Army, it is required to be forwarded with detailed analysis along with merits/ demerits and remarks of commandants and Sector DIGs. On 21 Jun 2017, BSF HQ asked junior commands to provide information regarding joint operations with Army conducted since Jan 2016 till date. It also instructed them that the information may be appended with details of joint operations, ammunition fired by Indian troops, achievements, casualties/ injuries and recognition by Army and BSF authorities.

These instructions have been passed since the BSF high command feels depressed over the neglect of BSF contributions although BSF personnel are shouldering equal responsibility with other army units on LoC.