Indian moves to destabilise Balochistan
Mian Saifur Rehman


Even after the cessation of Kulbushan Jadev’s destabilizing and sabotage activities in Pakistan, India has not put an end to its nefarious designs in Balochistan as has been evidenced recently with the establishment of a Hind – Baloch Forum in India with Pawan Sinha being the president of this forum while Swami Jitendranad Saraswati is its General Secretary.

Information coming from reliable sources has revealed that on June 20 last, the forum organized its first event - seminar - on the topic “How Indians can play a role in the freedom struggle of Balochistan” at Hotel Howard Plaza Fatehabad Road, Agra, Utter Pardaesh India.

The guest speakers who spoke on the occasion included Major General (retired) G.D. Bakhshi with the Indian army background, Colonel RSN Singh, former Director of India’s prime intelligence agency RAW.

The other speakers who addressed the seminar included electronic media journalist Pushpendra Kulshrestha and Govind Sharma National General Secretary of Ganga Mahasabha. This amounts to direct interference in the affairs of Pakistan but India is trampling good diplomatic norms and basic principles of sovereignty of nations and is, instead, openly supporting “Separate Balochistan” movement by spreading anti- Pakistan propaganda through all channels of dissemination of information, not only inside India but also abroad.

India is, in fact, hell-bent upon making use of all possible opportunities through such forums to gain support of anti-Pakistan elements, create unrest in Balochistan and project the Balochistan issue at international level to create impediments in the way of China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) projects.