The Blatant And Unfair Digression
Syeda Mazhar


70 years in, and neither does India want to solve the Kashmir issue, nor does it want to dissipate the threat of a nuclear war hanging over Pakistan; which would obviously have its ripple effect on the entire South Asian region. So just like its dragged dramatic soap operas; that besides lacking a basic plot also have no morals whatsoever- India’s political agenda seem pretty much the same.

The world’s largest democracy has also been active in Kashmir this year. Their usual activities include; using force on unarmed civilians, killing young men such as Burhan Wani who wanted nothing but to life their lives as free men, using rape as a weapon of war against innocent women, placing curfews on all of Kashmir’s ten districts, and then blinding anyone who decides to raise their voice (unarmed) against this tyrannical despotism.
Following the mysterious attacks in Uri; which, as destiny would have it, took place right before the UNGA subsequently to the Indian Army attacks on Kashmiri civilians; Prime Minister Modi started threatening Pakistan for a war. The fact that the Indian government blamed Pakistan for the attacked solely based on candy wrappers (supposedly) found in the attacker’s pockets, is sad yet hilarious. Another fact to ponder on is, if the excuse for waging a nuclear war, given by the government of the largest country in South Asia is candy wrappers; should such a government be in power at all? India’s ultimatums were, however, brought to a halt when Pakistan sent a reminder across border that it too, is a nuclear power and can very easily shatter India to the ground if something as close to a war is initiated.
India is playing an effective role of the bully of South Asia. Starting from its continuous threatening for a war, to playing the cold stunt by backing out of the SAARC conference in November; and taking Bangladesh, Afghanistan and Bhutan with it, India has its bigot acts in line. Sushma Sawaraj, at the 71st United Nations General Assembly, left no stone unturned in making Pakistan look like the root of all evils. She spoke of the Balochistan issue, Pathankot incident, Uri and many other instances that declared Pakistan as unstable and terrorist.
Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s speech at the UNGA gave the impression that Pakistan is ready for peace talks, whist staying adamant on the fact that the Kashmir issue is an issue which cannot be ignored. He also stated that is a victim of terrorism, “My country has been the principal victim of terrorism including that supported, sponsored and financed from abroad. We will not allow externally sponsored terrorism and threats of destabilization to cause turbulence in Pakistan”.
To which Sawaraj replied, “History proves that those who seed extremist ideologies, reap a bitter harvest”.
She also said: “My firm advice to Pakistan is: abandon this dream. Let me state unequivocally that Jammu and Kashmir is an integral part of India and will always remain so,” possibly forgetting that things of integral importance are not blinded by metal pellets, neither are they killed ruthlessly whist they are unarmed. With 6000 injured and 600 killed in two months, Sawaraj’s statements on terrorism and Kashmir make her a rather audacious and courageous fellow. Pakistani ambassador to the United Nations replied Sushma with the honestly and bluntness that she deserved. In response to her remarks regarding Balochistan, Lodhi reminded her that such statements were against the principles of United Nations as the Balochistan matter is an “internal affair” of Pakistan. If such was the matter than killing of Muslims in India over matters such as eating beef, should be highlighted too as it is a bigger problem. She also said that Suchma’s comments were blatant lies and “baseless allegations”, and that the Kashmir issue is “the oldest item on the UN agenda”- which was in fact brought to the UN by India itself in 1948; making it seem unstable and irresolute about its stance.
Sushma Sawaraj’s claims that the India has always been ready to talk to Pakistan without conditions, were also answered by the Pakistani convoy as:
“For the Indian external affairs minister to claim that her country has imposed no preconditions for talks with Pakistan is another flight from reality. India suspended talks more than a year ago, and has refused to resume these despite repeated offers from Pakistan; the latest one made by the Prime Minister of Pakistan himself from the rostrum of the General Assembly on September 21.
Her entire reference to Pakistan was a vain attempt to divert attention from the grave situation in occupied Kashmir.” Sawaraj’s claims that there is no human rights violation in Kashmir, and calling on the international forum to isolate Pakistan based on India’s repeated assertions to call Pakistan a terrorist state, are an eye opener after the continuous news and uproar by the world media regarding Indian activities in Kashmir. Ever since 1947, open fire on any civilian protest, falling to the extent of attacking ambulances and raping women, India has done everything an oppressor can do to subjugate a nation.
Repeated threats for a war and to stop the water supply to Pakistan; India has made it clear that peace is not on its agenda. Unrest and disruption is what they seek. Although Pakistan is always ready for peace talks, if met with hostility, it knows how to protect its interest with the political parties and army being on the same page.