Indian conspiracies against Pakistan
dr Muhammad Khan


India has been promoting separatism and terrorism in Pakistan for the past many decades. Failing to convince the masses of Indian occupied Kashmir to accept Indian subjugation, India has started propaganda warfare against Balochistan, AJK and Gilgit-Baltistan. Whereas, the people of these areas have proved to be truly patriotic, India is trying to reach over to some of the people of these areas employed elsewhere as expatriate or Pakistani Diaspora in Europe and other countries. Indian efforts are to create a group of the people who somehow show their annoyance with Pakistan. Upon doing this, India will be able to exploit and use them against Pakistan. Indian Prime Minister has already issued some of the fake statements over these areas and the people of these reacted very severely on those.

This is not something new; India is doing against Pakistan, indeed, ever since its creation, India has been engaged in such type of activities against Pakistan. East Pakistan became the first target of Indian sponsored separatism in 1971. It was years of Indian spying agencies’ proliferation into East Pakistan that led to create a group of separatists, who later became Indian tool for the establishment of Mukti Bahini. With its base in Calcutta, India, this terrorist organization under the directive of RAW paved the way for the separatism of East Pakistan in 1971. The initial Indian incursion into East Pakistan was through a vast number of Hindu teachers, who gradually created a hate against Pakistan in the minds of Bengali youth.
Mukti Bahini was created in areas all along the borders of former East Pakistan. This terrorist organization, committed unprecedented and worst crimes against humanity and a systemic genocide of the innocent civilians of East and West Pakistani alike. In 1970, MuktiBahini constituted 28,000 EBRS, EPRS, police, locally recruited militia (Ansars) and veterans; 40,000 men in camps trained for conventional war; and 35,000 men who had formal guerrilla training under Indian Army.
They were later scattered among 69 base camps and 100 sub-bases throughout East Pakistan. All recruitment of the militant MB was conducted by India. Whereas the Indian Army Training and Recruitment centres trained the lower cadres (junior level soldiers), the Indian Military Academy, Dehradun, trained the officer cadre to lead the militant activities of the MB in East Pakistan.
The people of Balochistan have rejected the separatists elements and Indian narratives. They rejected the Indian sponsored Separatists like Bramgagh Bugti and others. They indeed condemned Indian human rights violations in IOK. The people of AJK and Gilgit-Baltistan have found Pakistan as their homeland, thus decided to join this newly independent God gifted state upon winning their war against the tyrant Dogra Rule. Since then the people of AJK and Gilgit-Baltistan are firmly holding the flag of Pakistan and spending their lives as the most sympathetic and loyal Pakistanis. In the entire history of Pakistan, there has never been a chance that these determined and strong nerve people had ill feelings against their homeland, Pakistan. While the devoted and loyal people of AJK and Gilgit-Baltistan are spending their lives happily, there are foreign sponsored elements that are hell bent to destroy the very peace of the region through the instigation of simplistic local populace for promoting the cause of external actors.
Unfortunately, these betrayed people have been brainwashed by RAW and some other foreign spying agencies and now propagating against the state of Pakistan on various ill-conceived motives. Among this betrayed class, Senge H. Sering and Imtiaz Hussain are more prominent. Imtiaz Hussain is President of GB National Congress and is a Virginia based Satellite Engineer, a staunch anti-Pakistan lobbyist. As I could gather the bio-data from ‘The Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses (IDSA), a New Delhi based think tank, Mr Senge H. Sering is native of Shigar (GB). He had strong affiliation with RAW and some other global spying networks and has been enrolled with Indian think tank, IDSA, as a visiting fellow in 2009.
Failure to convince the people of AJK, GB and Balochistan, Indian Govt through RAW is trying to broadcast news bulletins in local languages of GB, AJK and Balochistan. Reportedly, Mr Ashish, Undersecretary, Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), India contacted Mr Satyanaryana Sastry Raghuram, 1st Secretary Pol, in Indian High Commission in Islamabad on the issue. The broad outline includes; MEA has started Special Bulletin” news summary regarding local media coverage of Balochistan, GB and AJK. He asked for provision of local media coverage of above mentioned areas on daily basis. The new narrative is aimed at; entangling Pakistan on alleged human rights violations in these areas to counter its narrative on Indian atrocities in IOK. India has refused to UNHCR fact finding mission, which was to know the details of Indian human rights violations in IOK.
Pakistani Premier has clearly presented the case of human rights violation in Indian occupied Kashmir at the 71st Session of UN GA meeting. It is responsibility of UN, US, major powers and broader international community to pressurize India for stopping human rights violation in IOK and to put an end to sponsoring separatists and terrorists’ activities in GB and Balochistan province of Pakistan.