Future of India under RSS
dr Muhammad Khan


In a recent statement, General Raheel Sharif said that, in the national security of Pakistan, the Pakistani nation firmly stand behind its armed forces. The context of this statement was the threatening statements from Indian leadership, in the post Uri attack scenario. In an attack on Indian military camp located near Uri (IOK), the Kashmiri freedom fighters killed eighteen Indian soldiers and destroyed many barracks, equipment and valuable military stores. Without any investigation, India blamed Pakistan for this attack as it has been doing in the past.

Some of the immature Indian ministers even threatened surgical strikes in Pakistan. Indian media and its officials created war hysteria and tried to mobilise the nation for a war against Pakistan. It was the initiation of similar propaganda campaign; as India did in 2001, following the so-called Parliament attack. Later in 2008, there was a repeat of 2001 episode but without military mobilisation.
While analysing the response of Indian masses during these calls for mass mobilisation in the name of national security, there was a good response in 2001. The level of the response dropped drastically in 2008 and there was no response from Indian masses in the post Pathankot and post Uri attacks. Rather there was an embarrassment for the Indian Government especially Prime Minister, who gave provocative statements against Pakistan and tried project the Uri attack as a cross-border terrorism. Except a brief rebuttal from the Foreign Office, there was no scene of creating war hysteria in Pakistan.
Indeed, in the name of national security, Indian successive governments have been deceiving the public at large through decades. Now there is a realisation among the Indian masses that, rather resolving their problems, Indian governments have been creating fake enmities with Pakistan. There has been exploitation of the masses, especially the minorities, Muslims and even Christians. Dalits and Muslims are especially the targets of almost all successive Indian governments. ‘The Indian National Crime Bureau’ (NCRB) has recently revealed in a documentary of over 34,600 reports of rape and over 130,000 cases of sexual assault were reported in 2015. The documentary “India: violence in the Land of Gandhi” is an eye opener for the Indian as well as rest of the world.
In the documentary it has been highlighted that millions of women are suffering from humiliation, torture and murder in India. A Dalit student Shabnam who was raped by 8 persons lives in a hidden location. The cruelties of India against Muslims can be imagine from the statement of one of the survivor of Gujarat Massacre, Mr Abdul Majid who disclosed that, “his son suffered terrible burns. They poured the petrol on the mosques and they came towards our house screaming slogans. Young girls were raped. And they screamed “victory to the Hindu god. None of you Muslims will get away”. He indeed, witnessed moments of death of his wife and children and rape of his daughters by Hindu terrorists.
Besides, India is facing a very serious internal conflict between New Delhi and almost nine states in north and northeast. These states have serious reservations against the Delhi and want their independence or autonomy. There are on-going insurgencies in these states for decades and decades now and Indian armed forces have failed to combat those, as these movements are indigenous and people led. In the Indian occupied Kashmir (IOK), the brutal Indian security forces are committing massive human rights violations since 1990. After the evidences of human rights violations of India provided to the UN and other capitals of the world by Pakistan, India feel embarrassment and isolation on this international issue. The Uri attack by Kashmiri freedom fighters was retaliation against the recent wave of Indian state-sponsored terrorism. Blaming Pakistan and later finding no evidence to prove that further embarrassed India and its RSS led BJP government.
Today’s India has total domination of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS). This extremist and terrorist group has a very critical and definitive role in Indian politics. Even being the founder of Hindutva, it has been criticised for its extremist’s roles, throughout in the Indian history since its establishment in 1925. . Owing to its extremist roles and involvement in many terrorist activities, RSS was once banned by British Indian Government and thrice by post-colonial Indian governments. So much so, its activist, Nathuram Godse murdered Mahatma Gandhi, on the accusation that, Mahatma Gandhi has liberal attitude towards minorities in India. In today’s India, RSS is involved in many anti-Muslim terrorist activities and has established a dedicated militant wing Bajrang Dal to terrorise the Muslims. Besides, this organisation is terrorising the Christians and other minorities.
Leaving a side its history, todays’ Indian society is heavily influenced by the Hinduvta ideology and RSS philosophy. As an authentic estimate, 10000-15000 people join the RSS camp every month. With this increasing number of the RSS membership, bulk of Indian society would become part of RSS and its ideology in next 10 years. The most important aspect of this membership is that, Indian leadership is vigorously following this ideology and has taken steps which are as per the directive of the RSS. India Premier, Narindra Modi is an active member of the RSS who was nourished under this organisation right from his childhood. As per Indian writer, AG Noorani, “Modi is a lifelong RSS activist (pracharak), having left his family to dedicate himself to the organisation. It, in turn, ensured his rise to the post of the highest executive of the country.”
As per the acumen, the Hinuvita lead RSS policies would lead India towards an internal ruinous situation. What Pakistan need to do is to have a national unity and internal cohesion against any foreign threat, conspiracies, extremism and separatism?