Afghan girl disgraced at Indian Embassy in Kabul
Mian Saifur Rehman


Pakistan’s defence circles have confirmed that certain reports have come to the fore that have been further verified and according to which, India’s defence attache in Afghanistan, Brig SK Narayan has been deported from Afghanistan by the Afghan authorities for reportedly raping an Afghan student.

According to these sources that talked exclusively to The News with complete authenticity saying that they have scientifically monitored information available with them, the Afghan student was subjected to this inhuman treatment when she went to Indian embassy at Kabul to obtain scholarship.
Reliable sources have further stated that although many days have passed since this sad occurrence took place but the report has been shrewdly suppressed and handled ‘technically’ so that Indian officials’ and diplomats’ images don’t get blemished in the region and other parts of the outside world.
The defence circles further said the action of deporting the Indian official on the part of Afghan government was no doubt timely action but such heinous acts should act as eye-openers for the Afghan authorities and the Afghan people who must differentiate between a friend and a foe otherwise they should be ready to face further disgrace at the hands of their foes in the guise of friends.