Details about top terrorist killed by LEAs surface
Waqar Ahmed


ISLAMABAD: Details about a top terrorist staunchly opposed to the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) have finally surfaced.

Dr Abdul Manan, 48, was targeted in a hideout along with his four other terrorist cronies in Mastung on January 16, 2016.
According to authoritative sources, Manan Baloch was the secretary general of the Baloch National Movement and the number two of Balochistan Liberation Front.
Being employed in the Balochistan health department, Manan was a political mobiliser, whose party held shutter down strikes in Khuzdar to propagate the separatist theme on behalf of his foreign masters. He was also instrumental in influencing the educated youth in fueling the insurgent agenda.
On the directions of his handlers, Manan was a staunch critic of the CPEC. His propagated that ethnic Baloch people viewed the project as a colonising endeavour by the military and the Chinese to usurp the Baloch land and resources. “Manan’s efforts were directed to create a perception that the Baloch leaders oppose the construction projects in Balochistan because of the fear that the Baloch will not be the primary recipient of the investment,” the sources said. “He propagated that Baloch, who make only 5% of Pakistan’s total population, will be converted into a minority in their own land with the influx of outsiders into the port city.” This perception is totally false and engineered by international forces that are opposed to the project and would be hurt by the building of the corridor.
While Manan was apparently a political worker, he, in fact, was a hardcore terrorist.
The political side of Manan was not his cause of fame but the militant activities. The sources added that Manan was a known militant commander who had appeared armed in numerous videos and photographs. In videos, he had accepted the responsibility for many attacks that killed pro-government civilians and policemen.
During the earthquake of September 2013, Manan was actively involved in targeting the law enforcement agencies’ operation for relief activities in the Awaran District.
Sources said the slain Baloch separatist was financed, assisted and propagated as a helping hand in connection with the IDPs of military operations by an INGO. Being an employee of the health department, Manan was found sharing sensitive information about the IDPs with the foreign NGO, especially on the medical needs of women and children of the conflict. This information was later used for vested designs by his foreign masters.
“Manan in any case was not a peaceful political worker and his death is not a cold blooded murder,” the sources pointed out. “The foreign funded nationalists and terrorists are only propagating the death as a human rights issue because the elimination of Manan is a major blow to them. In reality, his death is a major achievement for establishing peace in the Balochistan province.”