Modi - Wasted hope
Syeda Mazhar


‘Indoctrinate’ impression of the incumbent prime minister of India glorifies the man immensely. Narendra Modi, a man coming from extremely modest background rose to power, currently holding the most powerful position in India. In his tenure of sixteen months, not only has he managed to explicitly portray his anti-Pakistan stance, he has given a boost to the defence budget and created a war like atmosphere between the two neighbours-India and Pakistan. His blatant reluctance to discuss Kashmir issue at the international forum is in conflict with his over enthusiasm to eradicate the terrorist elements from the region. Modi’s history as a ruler is tarnished by the Gujarat massacre. The enforcement of anti-Muslim laws is just icing on top. As a son of a tea vendor, Modi managed to fight through odds to complete his education. Even though he was a mediocre student his talent to debate and move (rather brainwash) the masses played a vital role in his success.

Along with his father, young Modi joined the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), a party accused of murdering Mahatma Gandhi. RSS has been banned thrice in post-independence India. Critics, however rightly say the organisation continues to be a sectarian, militant group, which believes in the “supremacy of Hindus” and “preaches hate” against Muslims and Christian minorities. His affiliation with the infamous RSS is of concern to the Muslim, as well as the international community. As a proud ‘Hindu nationalist’, Modi’s government has only two Muslims in the office and that to, not on very influential positions. Implementing the ban on slaughtering the cows and banning the use of loudspeakers for ‘azan’ (call to prayers) are proof of his anti-Muslim policy. Most of his policies are aligned with the mindset of RSS - bigoted Hindu ideology.
Keeping up with one of the main RSS mantras - that Hindustan is the land of Hindus, the prime minister has been reallocating the government budget funds from the welfare and health to defence. In a country where more than 80% of the population comes under the poverty line and where the crime rate is increasing with every passing day, depriving humanitarian sectors of funds for financing warships and missiles is pure indication of Modi’s ugly intentions. Intentions that were made more obvious with the passing time when he openly admitted to Indian involvement in the dismemberment of Pakistan in 1971 and creation of Bangladesh, blatantly challenging Pakistan’s sovereignty.
Modi, however, is trying very hard to shine at the international fora and trying to become a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) with his awe-inspiring speeches of introducing an international yoga day to combat the frustration prevailing in the masses and help them connect with nature and attain inner peace. It is to be noted; the more Mr. Modi advocates fighting terrorism the more he avoids addressing the Kashmir issue at the international forum.
For some mysterious reason he doesn’t seem to think that the atrocities unleashed upon the Muslims of Kashmir by the Indian Army are of any significance. Indian government has very cleverly avoided keeping the most pressing issue between the two countries off the agenda. Yet they claim that they are more than willing to resolve the tensions between the two countries. Modi, in his statement, also explicitly stated that this is a matter between two neighbours and no third party should intervene in resolving the matter. The past one and a half year the tensions on the border between India and Pakistan are increasing. Even in Pakistan the country seems to be preparing and getting ready for an impending war. Only that Pakistan is already fighting a war against the terrorist militants. India, who supports the war against terrorism, is taking advantage of the vulnerable borders it shares with Pakistan and keeps executing small skirmishes here and there. Furthermore, the terrorist acts are committed by Indian Army every day without any justification under the orders of Modi government and also is thrusting water terrorism against Pakistan. The blatant refusal of holding a referendum in Kashmir cannot be ignored either.
Modi’s tall poll promise to his countrymen of bringing black money back in 100 days has already expired and it’s not possible in near future too. His reputation as hate-monger fuels angst amongst the Indian population. Similarly he forced Hindi to be the national language of India, despite much resistance. Modi glorifies the fact that during his term the economy has boosted. The media forgets to highlight that he was lucky to be aided by the fall in oil prices and low inflation. Modi has by far not been able to deliver the promises he made during his campaign. For how long will Modi try to befool the world with his indoctrinated and woven lies and give false hopes to those impressed by his bigoted Hindu ideology. He can no more pull the wool over the eyes of the world. He has rather lost his credibility amongst his very own people too.