Afghan Ulema’s anti-Pakistan Fatwa slammed
Mian Saifur Rehman


In the midst of misleading and confused/mixed statements given by top leaders of Afghanistan on occasions, Afghan Ulema Council has announced a Fatwa (edict) that it was legitimate to wage Jihad in Pakistan.Security establishment in Pakistan has taken exception to the edict (Fatwa) that has been issued probably in line with the already ongoing anti-Pakistan propaganda (messages and statements) of Afghan government.

Talking to The News, the security sources said this latest move i.e the Fatwa seems to be a part of anti-Pakistan campaign already being pursued at different tiers of Afghan administration.
The sources said that Afghan officials and Kabul government functionaries need to realize that Pakistan-bashing is no solution of Afghanistan’s problems and moreover, promotion of this type of totally unjustified religious bigotry may further complicate the situation.
Talking further about the Afghanistan’s Taliban insurgency situation, the sources opined that militancy in Afghanistan was already motivated by a specific, narrow interpretation of religion and Jihadi ideology. They added, “Daesh is also counting on Jihadi mindset to make inroads in Afghanistan. Religious extremism and faulty Jihadi ideologies are actually responsible for current turmoil in Afghanistan. If Afghan government adopts such policies to promote these narratives, the gains of 15 years’ long military campaign will be reversed.
The reason demands that Afghan government should not sponsor such jihadi Fatwas.”
The News was further informed that Afghan clerics’ Fatwa for waging Jihad in Pakistan was quickly endorsed by a splinter group of Pakistani Taliban “which also reveals an evil nexus between sponsors of this edict and Pakistani terrorists. Unfortunately, a segment of NDS (Afghan Intelligence) is promoting terrorism in Pakistan with the help of RAW.
Several attacks have been conducted from Afghan soil in Pakistan and many militants are hiding in Afghanistan after the onset of operation Zarb-e-Azb. Afghan government will have to revoke its ties with TTP militants if it is serious about improving relations with Pakistan.”
While concluding their talk with The News, the security establishment circles said, “The endorsement of this edict by Ehsanullah Ehsan has also exposed them. Earlier, they joined Daesh by ditching al-Qaeda and Afghan Taliban.
By siding with clerics sponsored by Afghan government, TTP has shown its ideological hollowness once again. The renowned religious scholars of Pakistan should speak against the Fatwa and TTP, which is exploiting the religious sentiments of general public.”