The truth about TTP
Abdul Zahoor Khan Marwat


The Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), headed by the ruthless and vicious Mullah Fazlullah aka Mullah Radio, went on a killing spree in PAF Camp Badaber recently. Among the soft targets were some 16 Namazis, who were in a mosque getting ready to offer their Fajr prayers. They were swiftly killed by thugs who in their misguided world have drifted far away from the real teachings of Islam. Who kills Muslims praying at a mosque? Of course, not a real Muslim at heart. It could only be a Kharji, a loathsome cult that has survived among the Muslims for the last 14 centuries.

The TTP is responsible for the deadly orgy of destruction the country has seen in the last eight years or so.
They have blown up schools, mosques, Imambargahs, hospitals, churches, government offices, markets and what not. They have attacked sensitive installations of the Pakistan armed forces.
They have killed toddlers, schoolchildren, young girls and women. They have slaughtered ordinary Pakistanis of all creeds and schools of thought, government officials, paramilitary forces and armed forces personnel.
They have no guiding principles and no shame. The TTP comprises militant groups led by uneducated religious fanatics and other criminals that try to force their misguided ideologies on the people of Pakistan. The purpose is to create a sense of insecurity, intolerance and gloom through terrorist activities.
They are the modern face of Khawarij, who are out to destabilisee and destroy our country.
Only simpletons, naïve and those sharing their twisted ideology view them as some sort of sacred religious figures. Such adherents of false faith should look at the Taliban criminality and treat them in the same way.
Essentially, the nation should identify the mindsets that support the TTP ideology and promote Talibanisation. People who are the sympathisers and facilitators of these terrorists, who provide warped intellectual justification and perverted motivation to such terrorists, have to be eliminated from the society. The TTP’s spiritual mentors and guiding fathers have to be identified and purged. The TTP’s aim is to create chaos and uncertainty in the country and challenge the state’s authority.
However, the people have seen through their sinister designs and abhor them. It is time to adopt strategies that go beyond narrow considerations of some religious and political segments of the society to get rid of Talibanisation. It is time to conclusively declare the TTP Khawarij of modern times.