Time to be alert
Ali Sukhanver


PERHAPS it is for the first time in the history of Pakistan that whole of the Pakistani nation has unanimously condemned RAW for its involvement in various terrorist activities in Pakistan. From Chaudhry Nisar Ali the Interior Minister to the Chief of the Army Staff Gen Raheel Sharif, everyone is pointing out the Indian hand behind the present wave of terrorism in Pakistan.

Not only at official level but also at public level the rage and fury against India and RAW is at its climax after the Safora incident which took the lives of more than 45 innocent Pakistanis belonging to the Ismaili Sect. It is something very shocking that in most of the terrorist activities in Pakistan, the terrorists are adopting the same strategy. According to the details, the brutality with which the terrorists butchered the helpless passengers of the bus at Safora Chaurangi was the same which was observed there at the Army Public School Peshawar.
The aim and objective of both the incidents was to spread fear and harassment leading to depression and disappointment. It seems that the terrorists are working on a single-item agenda; crush the Pakistani nation emotionally, morally, spiritually and financially. They don’t want to see this nation make progress. As we all know that China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is in the process of making and this corridor would create a new world of economic development and financial progress for the people of Pakistan after its completion. The forces hostile to Pakistan’s stability and prosperity are not in favour of such a beneficially fruitful project. The spokesperson for the Foreign Office Aizaz Ahmed Chaudhry said talking to the media-men last week in Islamabad that Pakistan has told Afghanistan that Indian spy agency RAW should not be allowed to operate against Pakistan from Afghan territory.
Years back, it had been a misconception that all terrorist activities in Pakistan were the handiwork of the Muslim extremist groups. It had been a common practice that after every terrorist activity some group bearing a Muslim name accepted the responsibility of the terrorist activity. Most of such groups were totally unknown to the security and intelligence agencies of Pakistan; and more strange had been the fact that in spite of rigorous efforts, such groups could never be traced out. Moreover such so-called powerful extremist groups always remained silent over the exploitation of the Muslims at the hands of Hindu extremists in India, Burma, Palestine and in so many other parts of the world.
Dr Habib Siddiqi wrote in the Burma Times of 11th May, 2015, ‘One of the most egregious crimes is to deny a people the right to self-identify of which the Myanmar people and the government, especially the Rakhine community, are guilty of. The Rohingya Muslims are denied their right to self-identity in Burma.’ Same is the situation of Muslim Rights’ violation in Palestine but no Muslim extremist or militant group has yet come forward to save their Muslim brothers from this exploitation. Why these so-called Muslim extremist organizations are simply targeting their own brothers and sisters allegedly; it is absolutely unintelligible.
The situation guides the nation to the conclusion that whatever is being done in the name of the Muslim extremists and militants is simply an artistic work of the intelligence agencies hostile to Pakistan. These agencies desire a large scale destruction and anarchy in Pakistan. At present Pakistan seems a battle-field for so many international intelligence agencies. The ex-chief of the ISI Lt Gen Shuja Pasha (R) also pointed to the same situation in one of his recent statements. Moreover some of the terrorists arrested from Karachi during the Karachi Operation also admitted the fact that they neither belong to any Islamist organization nor they are a member of any Muslim militia, they are simply working for the RAW and other hostile intelligence agencies. Their only aim is to defame the Muslim organizations and the forces having religious bent of mind. The situation needs a very serious attention of the law enforcement agencies and the government of Pakistan.