Massacre in Turbat
Ali Sukhanver


THE murder of twenty innocent labourers in Turbat is simply a message from the terrorists that they are in a state of war with Pakistan and they could go to every extent. These labourers were so helpless that they even didn’t have a proper place to spend night; they were compelled to sleep in camps under the open sky. These poor labourers had no role to play in the so-called political turmoil of Balochistan, neither were they the tribal lords nor they belonged to any security agency.

Hundreds miles away from their homes, they were there to earn just a meagre living. Whatever happened to them is all against the sublime Baloch traditions. The history of the Baloch tribes is replete with the marvellous examples of helping out the crushed ones and the wretched ones. They could never let anyone shed the blood of innocent and helpless labourers.
All time an artificially created atmosphere of lawlessness, chaos and anarchy; Balochistan has been a battlefield of mischievous interests of the anti-Pakistan elements for the last many years. Innocent people are killed sometimes in the name of sectarian conflict and sometimes in the name of linguistic and ethnic differences. The terrorists are doing their utmost to spread the impression that the law-enforcement agencies and the intelligence agencies are behind the bloodshed in Balochistan and to strengthen this impression they kidnap the innocent people, brutally murder them and then throw away their bodies at deserted places; after every such incident, a few people with a particular bent of mind, start a very well organized propaganda movement against the law-enforcement agencies.
All such people enjoy full support and patronization from the neighbouring hostile countries particularly from India. Some of the so-called Baloch sardars who are leading a ‘royalish’ life in western countries claim of struggling for the rights of their people but unfortunately they don’t have any roots among their people and they are totally unaware of the pains and worries of the common man of Balochistan.
Such Sardars are frightened of losing their hegemony and authority over their distressed people; that is why they raise the slogan of Liberation of Balochistan from Pakistan. Such Sardars know it very well that living within the democratic system of Pakistan; it will no more be possible for them to sustain their hegemony and authority over their people and to keep them under the yoke of slavery. Sometimes it also happens that these sardars do not come onto the front; they hire some people of a lower status, pay them, facilitate them and in return such paid people act as the mouthpiece of these Sardars; Dr Nazar Baloch could be a very forceful example in this context. Recently a case has also been registered against this man for his alleged involvement in Turbat Massacre.
Nazar Baloch, a doctor by profession started his political career from Baloch Students Organization and founded his own faction of BSO in January 2002. Indian print and electronic media portrays this man as if the whole of the situation in Balochistan is revolving around him but the fact of the matter is that this man is no more important than a disposable shaving razor for the forces exploiting him against his own country and against his own people.
Here is an extract from the introduction of Dr Nazar Baloch published on a RAW sponsored website,, “Dr Allah Nazar Baloch a gold medallist doctor turned guerrilla leader leads one of the most powerful Baloch resistance groups in Balochistan called the Balochistan Liberation Front. This group fights against Pakistani Jihadis in Balochistan and it propagates the view that Muslims are not a nation and that ethnic loyalty must surpass religious loyalty.” It is something very astonishing that people like Dr Nazar Baloch claim of leading the Baloch people to whom nothing is more important and more sacred than religion.