India’s support to sub-nationalists
Muhammad Jamil


New Delhi never missed any opportunity to destabilize Pakistan, be it by lending support to Baloch, Pakhtun and Sindhi ‘nationalists’ or other dissidents in Pakistan. India and some US Congressmen were hand in gloves to propagate excesses by Pakistan military in Balochistan. In Britain also, there are sympathizers or backers of Baloch insurgents and separatists. International Business Times of UK in a recent report stated: “Baloch people are persecuted, abducted and systematically killed by Pakistani security agencies and the Pakistani Army”. Antagonistic elements are making efforts to destabilize the province by promoting sense of dissent, political turmoil, and stirring sentiments of separatism. According to former governor and a cabinet minister, there is substantial evidence that India has been planning terrorist activities in Balochistan using Afghan soil, harboring and financing terrorists and projecting them as freedom fighters.

In his exclusive interview with oneindia portal/website managed by the RAW, Dr. Allah Nazar, a terrorist hailing from Awaran, Balochistan is directly supported by RAW to commit heinous crimes against humanity. In this interview, he spelled out in detail various issues ranging from the attempts made by the Chinese to have foothold in Balochistan with the help of Pakistan, and also the role that India could play in Balochistan. In introductory paragraph, oneindia website stated: “His (BLF) group fights against Pakistani Jihadis in Balochistan. In 2004, the Balochistan Liberation Front or the BLF led by Dr. Allah Nazar Baloch had claimed responsibility for attacks on Chinese engineers in Gwadar”. In question/answer part, Dr. Allah Nawaz said: “China in Balochistan is trying to destabilise India. The rogue ISI is brutally crushing the Baloch freedom movement and violating international laws in Balochistan. Thousands of Baloch have been killed and thousands forcibly disappeared”.
However, people of Balochistan are witness to the fact that BLF has been killing men, women and children; attacked women university students, members of LEAs, blew up electric pylons as well as gas pipelines. The central contents of the interview revolve around unsubstantiated allegations against LEAs, AF, ISI and Pak-China relations. To gain sympathies of civil society and to create sensation, oneindia website introduces Allah Nazar as so-called freedom movement leader fighting against Jehadi elements and ISIS. It may be recalled that Allah Nazar and his group Baloch Liberation Front continued to harass local population in Awaran, Punjgur and Kech districts. They however fled from the area on arrival of AF during earthquake relief activities in Sep 2013. People of the area felt relieved after the arrival of AF during its large scale relief efforts. Since then, Allah Nazar and others have fled only known to Indian RAW.
Uploading of interview of a notorious terrorist on RAW managed Indian site confirms that India has been behind training, financing, arming and projecting terrorists to destabilize Pakistan and Afghanistan. India is using terrorist elements in Balochistan to create obstacles to Chinese efforts in the development of China-Pak Economic Corridor. India has been trying to hyphenate Pakistan with ISIS/jihadis, despite the fact that Pakistan’s military has destroyed terrorists’ network and dismantled their infrastructure in North Waziristan, South Waziristan and earlier in Swat and Bajaur etc. Pakistan military has the capability and capacity to destroy insurgents network, and they will never succeed in their designs to cause harm to Pakistan. It is in their own interests to lay down their arms and stop making trouble in the province. Their foreign masters are the enemies of Pakistan, and are using them as a tool for their anti-Pakistan policy.
Balochistan is resource-rich province of Pakistan, and foreign elements are eying its mineral reserves including gas, coal, copper and gold. Geopolitical location of Balochistan has significance for international business and trade, thus ‘enticing’ the world powers and regional countries to design Balochistan-specific great game. Hence, the players of great game appear to have redesigned their strategies and are secretly working to create conditions to control and influence the resource-rich zones. Foreign forces are already using the existing volatile situation in Balochistan as a pretext to encourage separatism, raise voice on human rights violation, over- projection of mass graves and articulated support to alleged enforced disappearances.
On 17th February 2012, US Congressman Dana Rohrabacher had introduced a resolution in the US House of Representatives, calling upon Pakistan to recognize the Baloch right to self- determination. The motion had been co-sponsored by House Representatives Louie Gohmert and Steve King. The proposed bill had favoured Baloch rights of self-determination and affording an opportunity to choose their own status of a sovereign state. This Great Game of the US strategic map-makers has been in full play in Balochistan province for quite some time. World maps, showing Pakistan all splintered up, and Balochistan province merging with Iran’s Sistan-Balochistan region making a Greater Balochistan, were published. But situation in Balochistan has been addressed at political level; an elected government is in place; and there is let up in target killings, and incidence of insurgency has also declined. People of Balochistan are known for their patriotism; and will never be deterred by violent activities of separatists.
Pakistan Army has over the years countered the machinations of the separatists, and also contributed towards bringing Baloch youth in the mainstream. Meanwhile, thousands of Baloch have joined armed forces as recruits and cadets, which will enable them to play their part in the defence of the motherland. Health camps have been established for common people; schools and vocational centres have been opened by the military to help Baloch youth to be productive citizens. These steps will increase income of the Baloch youth to lessen their dependence on sardars and centrifugal forces. Pakistan Army has done a lot to counter the machinations of the world powers and the regional countries. Whenever the people were hit by natural calamities, Army personnel conducted relief, rescue and salvage operations. They endangered their lives to save the lives of their compatriots. And even gaven their rations to the victims of natural calamities; thus winning the hearts and minds of the people.