RAW: The Power behind TTP
Dr Raja Muhammad Khan


The sequence of events which followed the Twin Tower attack brought drastic changes in the global security arena. The terrorism (deliberately planned by beneficiaries or done by terrorists) has given a new narrative to world powers for countering it; the counter terrorism strategy. Without a clear definition, various nation states have been combating the menace as per their need. Pakistan became a prominent target of this menace, following it tried to evict the militants from its territory; FATA.

Then there came a time that, Indian spying network RAW, started sponsoring the activities of TTP and other terrorists within Pakistan. Even, today very few people among the masses in India and Pakistan really know the strong nexus between militant organizations in Pakistan and Indian spying network, RAW. The terrorists attack on Peshawar APS was so horrifying with national and international impact that, people really came to know, the true face of the terrorists. This attack was so brutal and inhuman, that, it shook the humanity to its entirety. This attack and many such like attacks previously caused havoc in various parts of the country. These brutal attacks by militant organization, TTP refreshed the agonizing memories of terrorist attacks in the former East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) sponsored by RAW through Mukti Bahini. Pakistan has been traditionally victimized by India; maybe it was the massive killing, done by Hindus and Sikhs during the process of shifting after partition or later years; India did against the Muslims in India. However, if the pattern of terrorism, committed by TTP is traced back to early 1970s, it has lot of resemblance and commonalities with Mukti Bahini, which mean, both have same type of the forces and trainers behind. This force behind is Research and Analysis Wing, the Indian spying network, commonly known as RAW. This brutal Indian network indeed committed infinite brutalities on the people of East Pakistan, but later very cunningly blamed Pakistani military for that through a buck-passing strategy. Now again, Indian spying network is busy in promoting TTP terrorists against the state and people of Pakistan, ever since 2002. This time India is making use of Afghan soil for the terrorist activities inside Pakistan. Following the policies of Hinduism, India always devised such strategies which created problems for Pakistan. These Indian strategies were so perfect that, the vulnerabilities of Pakistan were targeted including the ethnic factor or the sectarian aspects. While India is doing this all through its spying network, the Indian political leadership presents itself very innocent and never let the international community feel about Indian involvement in the promotion of terrorism and separatism in Pakistan. Rather, at time show solidarity with Pakistan on occurrence of events like Peshawar incident. Rather accepting it?s horrifying and ruthless role of promoting terrorism in Pakistan, India very sneakily, accuse Pakistan for cross border terrorism. Very surprisingly international community, particularly, West and United States have been conceding to the Indian viewpoint. Now for the first time, there appear major differences between India and United States over this issue and Indian assertions. Even President Obama said in a statement just before start of his visit to India that, Pakistan will never like its soil to be used against India. But surely, India is sponsoring terrorism in the order especially; FATA, parts of KPK and Balochistan. The years of terrorism within Pakistan compelled authorities to find the source of funding the terrorists and their philosophies. This Indian sponsored terrorism indeed, destroyed the very basis of the Pakistani society and state. After having been effected from terrorism, over the years, Pakistan has been providing information to international community and particularly to United States about the Indian involvement in the promotion of terrorism in Pakistan. Since US already knew and on the information provided by Pakistan further substantiated that, India is indeed supporting the network of terrorists, therefore, it tried to pursue India and on a couple of occasions tried to check India. However, now there appears that US has authentic reports that, Indian spying network (RAW) has deep linkages with the TTP network and especially its leader, Mullah Fazlullah. Mullah Fazlullah is currently in Afghanistan and his activities are planned and implemented by RAW and NDS jointly. During his recent visit to India, US Secretary of State, John Kerry, and his team were highly critical to India over the Indian involvement in the terrorist activities in Pakistan and the strong linkages between RAW and TTP. As per media reports, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi was humbled by US Secretary of State John Kerry. Indeed, John Kerry and his team started deliberations with Modi and his team in a very polite manner but the heat was generated when Indian side completely refused to admit having any role in TTP-led terrorism in Pakistan. Indian Prime Minister even told the visiting US delegate that, he and his government were equally shocked to hear about the terrorist attack on APS Peshawar, and both the houses of the Parliament observed moment of silence to mourn the horrifying incident. After listening the Indian cover story, US official including John Kerry disclosed some hard evidences of Mulla Fazalullah and RAW nexus in Afghanistan to influx terror in Pakistan. The American side took the Indian side quite aggressively and also snubbed Modi over the highly objectionable role of his National Security Advisor Ajit Kumar Doval in the entire soiled game. Indian political leadership came under serious criticism from US team over the confessions of Ajit Doval of funding and utilizing TTP terrorists to destabilize Pakistan and Modi was asked to tame Doval and Research and Analysis Wing (RAW). Modi was told to end India?s patronization of Mulla Fazalullah in Afghanistan and made it clear to Modi and his team that the US was about to place Mulla Fazalullah on list of global terrorists. It was also clarified that Indian pampering of Mulla Fazalullah would jeopardize the US-India relations and can also have its implications on the upcoming visit of the US President to India. Sources maintain that the American team appeared fully prepared and were easily refuting all the pleas that were being taken by the Indian leadership. It may be recalled that former US Secretary of State, Chuck Hegel had also accused India of exporting terrorism to Pakistan via Afghanistan and his remarks in this regard are still on official record. Over the years, Pakistan has been raising its concern over the Indian involvement in the terrorist activities inside Pakistan. However, owing to US and Western interests in India, they hardly paid any attention towards Pakistani concerns. Now U. S seems convinced over the Indian terrorist activities in Pakistan. Indeed, the US snubbing of India over the linkages between TTP and RAW is an indication that, now US mean business. But, how far can US prevail on India to really end its activities is a big question. This is because; U.S and Western world have their strategic interests in India. ON the economic front, U.S sees India as the biggest market for it and on the political front; India suits US to contain China, a peer competitor of US in the global politics. The statement of Indian National Security Advisor, Mr Ajit Doval, that, Indian policy vis--vis Pakistan is driven by ?Offensive-Defensive? is an open confession of promoting and sponsoring terrorism in Pakistan. Besides, this speaks of Indian hawkish attitude towards Pakistan. During his visit to India, US President, Barrack Obama should have emphasized India for dismantling the terrorist network, it has established for the destabilization of Pakistan. But, unfortunately, this was not done and Obama just pursued US national interest and was appreciative of Indian role, rather pinpointing the negative role India plays in the region. Indeed, for the long-term regional stability and economic prosperity, there is a need that, United States and other major powers should India to resolve the unsettled issues between India and Pakistan through negotiations. As a confidence building measure CBM, India must stop firing along the LoC and working boundary; which has killed many innocent people and damaged the property too. Indian pigheaded and rigid attitude is a stumbling block in the regional stability in South Asia. There is also a need that India should stop its spying network; RAW from supporting the TTP and other militant organizations within Pakistan. India must respect the geographical integrity and sovereignty of Pakistan. The double standard being adopted by major world powers, particularly US must be pointed out through diplomatic channels by Pakistani diplomats rather adopting the appeasement policy.