India befuddled over Kerry remarks.
Mohammad Jamil


Pakistan has been expressing concerns over India's support to TTP elements ensconced in Kunar district of Afghanistan. In fact, former Afghan president Hamid Karzai was playing into the hands of Indian leadership, and he used to accuse Pakistan of supporting the Taliban who were giving tough time to Afghan government and the occupying forces. There was a nexus between American CIA, Indian RAW and Afghan National Directorate of Security, RAW and CIA who supported the TTP elements and other groups to soften up FATA to destabilize Pakistan. Those agencies were instrumental in getting Maliks and other administrative staff killed. Even those who were working for the security agencies were eliminated. It took quite some time and sacrifices of the security officials to rebuild up security and intelligence infrastructure

Secondly, the TTP militants were emboldened by the statements of leaders of political and religious parties who were insisting that dialogue was the only way to bring peace in FATA and other parts of Pakistan. They did not realize that Pakistan's economy was dismal because foreign investors would not invest when life and property of the people was not safe. Anyhow, after President Ashraf ghani assumed his office, Pakistan was the third country he visited. On the first day of his visit, President Ashraf Ghani's trip to the military headquarters in Rawalpindi along with his highranking delegation comprising highranking generals and other senior Afghan security officials was significant. He lauded Pakistan's sacrifices in 'war on terror' and laid a floral wreath at the Martyrs Monument. He expressed his government's interest in bolstering security and defence ties with Pakistan, including cooperation in training and border management. He assured that Afghanistan would not allow its soil be used against Pakistan, and in return got assurance from Pakistan to crack down on the militants without any distinction. Recently, Director General (DG) Inter Services Public Relations (ISI), Rizwan Akhtar met Afghan President Ashraf Ghani and agreed on making joint efforts to deal with the menace of terrorism. His current visit to Kabul is linked to his previous trip to Afghanistan along with Army Chief after the Peshawar massacre. In his previous visit, the DG ISI had shared information in connection with the whereabouts of Mullah Fazlullah and Umer Khurasani, and Afghan government had launched an operation in Kunar. India is befuddled over the US and Afghanistan's positive change of attitude towards Pakistan. Contrary to the claims of Indian media, IndoUS relations are witnessing caveats, and in a recent development reported by a segment of media, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi was humbled by the US Secretary of State John Kerry when he met him during a recent official visit to India. His visit was considered to be a high level US team's visit in connection with the upcoming visit of the US President Barak Obama to India later this month. The media report quoting reliable sources confirmed that John Kerry and his team started deliberations with Modi and his team in a very polite manner but there was heated debate when Indian side completely refused to admit having any role in TTPled terrorism in Pakistan. Prime Minister Narendra Modi stated that he and his government were equally shocked to hear about the Peshawar School Terror and both the houses of the Parliament observed moment of silence to mourn the horrifying incident. American team then showed some hard evidences of Mulla Fazalullah and RAW nexus in recent acts of terrorism in Pakistan. The American side snubbed Modi over the highly objectionable role of his National Security Advisor Ajit Kumar Doval in the entire soiled game, who had admitted of funding and utilizing TTP terrorists to destabilize Pakistan. Modi was told to end India's patronization of Mulla Fazalullah in Afghanistan, and made it clear to Modi and his team that the US was about to place Mulla Fazalullah on list of global terrorists, which in the meantime has been done.
General Raheel Sharif's background interviews with the Americans and most likely his handing over of certain solid proof to support his arguments during his US visit had really given enough arsenal to the Americans who asked Modi to tame his National Security Advisor and RAW. It may be recalled that former US Secretary of State, Chuck Hegel had also accused India of exporting terrorism to Pakistan via Afghanistan, and his remarks in this regard are still on official record. In Afghanistan, President Ashraf Ghani appears to be a wellintentioned person and pragmatist.
He seems to have concluded from the events of the past that if Pakistan's security concerns are not addressed, Afghanistan could not expect from Pakistan to give sacrifices for the stability and sovereignty of Afghanistan.
A day after terrorists attacked on Army Public School Peshawar and martyred 142 persons including 134 students, COAS Raheel Sharif rushed to Afghanistan and produced hard evidence with regard to mullah Fazlullah and his militants' involvement in the attack. Afghan government launched operation killing many thugs. To add to India's frustration, President Ashraf Ghani reportedly cancelled an order for purchase of military equipment from India placed by the Karzai government. President Ghani has also accepted the offer from Pakistan Army Chief Raheel Sharif for imparting training to Afghan military officers. This change in Afghan policy is the reason for India's frustration, and it is resorting to ceasefire violations so that Pakistan military goes lax on the western border, and Fazlullah thugs could find easy targets.
In an unprecedented gesture, Afghan forces coupled with ISAF forces responded to the Pakistani request, launching a grand operation against TTP and its affiliates active on Afghan soil.
The joint visit by Afghan army chief General Sher Mohammad Karimi and ISAF chief General John Campbell was another goodwill gesture from the Afghan and coalition side, who shared with General Raheel the details of their joint operation against TTP. In another major breakthrough the same week, the intelligence chiefs of both countries, DGISI General Rizwan Akhtar and chief of National Directorate of Security (NDS) Rahmatullah Nabil, held a meeting for intelligence sharing. Meanwhile, the corps commander Quetta Lt. General Nasir Khan Janjua held a meeting with his counterpart, the corpse commander Jalalabad in Afghanistan in which important information was shared. The security establishments of both Pakistan and Afghanistan have never held such detailed meetings before.