Outrageous propaganda against Pakistan
Mohammad Jamil


The shenanigans of fraternity’s extremist strands have given a handle to the compulsive detractors of our cherished religion Islam to depict it as a creed of violence and bloodletting.

Of course, Pakistan is the worst hit by the vile phenomenon of running-wild extremism; so much so, it has not only become the biggest internal security threat to the country, but also has turned into a dreadful threat to its very existence. In the past, Governors of Balochistan and Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa had many a time mentioned about foreign countries’ involvement in promoting and fostering terrorism in Pakistan. According to agencies also, there was incontrovertible evidence to the effect that Indian RAW had coalesced with National Directorate of Security of Afghanistan. Yet, Indian leaders and media continue with their propaganda against Pakistan and its institutions. They even use the events organized to bring peoples of the two countries together. Last week, the young entrepreneurs from India concluded their two-day visit to twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad and used superlatives for Pakistanis’ hospitality.
Dr. Rahul Mirchandani, referring to the joint statement signed between young entrepreneurs of the two countries at the end of the daylong ‘Indo-Pak Young Entrepreneurs Bilateral’ said that it could lay a strong foundation for dialogue to promote trade, cultural exchanges, sports, tourism, education and other fields. He added that the young entrepreneurs of India and Pakistan strongly believed that friendship across borders could bring prosperity, peace and stability in the subcontinent. But one of the India’s Union minister used this occasion to spew venom against Pakistan and its institutions. In his video address to an India-Pakistan entrepreneurs’ event in Islamabad, Union Minister Shashi Tharoor slammed Pakistani government for ceasefire violations on LoC and suggested that the government has no control over its military. “The 26/11 attack on Mumbai and the recent LoC incidents have shown a gap between Pakistan’s official statement and the military’s action. This suggests the civilian government, even if sincere, is not entirely in control of the security apparatus,” he said.
Unfortunately, Pakistan is passing through the most critical and testing times of its history. The people indeed are currently going through the harrowing experiences they had not undergone before in their lifetime. A multifaceted monstrosity of terrorism is mowing down the people across the spectrum. Not even the security personnel are safe from its thuggery; what to speak of insecure civilians. Thugs of sectarian, ethnic, nationalist and anti-state brands as well as foreign proxies are playing holi with the nation’s blood. External forces are operating to destroy the core fiber of national edifice taking advantage of political instability, poor governance, incompetent leadership, menace of terrorism and scourge of corruption. Agencies of foreign hostile forces as well as India are working against the interests of Pakistan while their propaganda machines and media openly describe Pakistan a country that sponsors terrorism. They also feel no hesitation in propagating against vital institutions of Pakistan including Pak Army, Intelligence Agencies and other Law Enforcing Agencies (LEAs).
On the contrary, Pakistani leadership, media, analysts and intellectuals appear to be apologetic and defensive in their approach instead of maintaining a dignified and assertive posture to respond to such allegations. This is extremely frustrating and demoralizing, as Pakistan is not sponsoring terrorism, and Indian allegations are totally and unfounded. The aim is to create a sense of mistrust between leaders and the people of Pakistan while stirring conflicts between different segments of society. During debate in the National Assembly on the issue of drone attack that killed Hakimullah Mehsud, Pakistan’s Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan in his address said that he had evidences about the elements that were involved in attack on Church in Peshawar apart from other bomb attacks. He however did not name the countries or alien agencies.
During Operation Rah-e-Raast in Swat, 23 militant commanders of TTP were arrested, who confessed before a Joint Investigation team that India, through RAW and Afghan NDS, supported militants in Pakistan to conduct target killings, bomb blasts, suicide attacks, assaults on civil and military installations and forced abductions including ethnic and sectarian violence. After capture of a senior TTP leader Latifullah Mehsud by US Special Forces (USF) from Afghan custody, startling revelations were made by him during interrogation by USF having implications for Pakistan, Afghanistan and India. Latifullah Mehsud confessed that Afghanistan and India were involved in promoting terrorist activities inside Pakistan. He also revealed that attack on General Sanaullah Khan Niazi in Upper Dir was the work of Kabul and New Delhi. He also confessed that terrorist attacks at Peshawar Church and elsewhere were also planned by Indian and Afghan intelligence agencies, of course through their proxies in Pakistan.
It is too well known that all through Bush’s presidency the overlord in Afghanistan was the CIA. Even under Obama administration, this American intelligence agency is quite a potent force in Afghanistan, with its funded-and-trained Afghan spy service – the Nation Directorate of Security
(NDS), acting as its subordinate hatchet worker. And there is liaison between them and Indian RAW. Indian involvement can be understood from the statement of former Indian Army Chief General (Retired) VK Singh, who openly confessed that special intelligence unit by the name “Technical Services Division” were raised by India to operate inside Pakistan including Balochistan and Azad Kashmir to perpetrate terrorism and bribe the politicians in IOK to maintain peace. Having that said, defending accusations against Pakistan is the duty of every Pakistani irrespective of his status, occupation and social or political affiliation.