National leadership and country’s interests
Abdul Zahoor Khan Marwat


The country is passing through an important phase, which demands that we all deliver what is expected from us, either as common citizens, political leaders or activists. The list of such demands is certainly not long nor does it fall into the category of non-implementables.
The common man should fight all sorts of prejudices, whether ethnic, linguistic or sectarian, amidst the society. He or she should work honestly and diligently without compromising on his or her dignity.
Despite the setbacks the country has seen on various fronts, he or she should know that nations face miseries and challenges at one time or the other and come out it successfully and with greater determination.

The current phase, which has seen a rise in terrorism and financial crisis over the last five years or so, is also transient and will be short-lived.On the other hand, the case of political activists is somewhat different. They are the people who grow to lead and guide the nation as political leaders and managers. Thus the demands on them have to be more vigorous and in this regard the list must be extensive.
The leadership of all political parties should ensure that those who become their members at the district or divisional levels or at the national level are basically honest people and not involved in criminal activities of any sort.
They should select district and divisional membership carefully and let the selected know that they should in return only go for people who hold the core values of the society close to their heart and practice to implement them.
Justifiably, these values are self-respect and good conduct. The leaders should not be held hostage to certain religious or ethnic ideologies and should protect the national interests — which do not promote any kind of biases — with maturity and sagacity. They should develop the core values of self-esteem, human worth, personal pride and collective sense of dignity and should be able to analyze the national landscape with maturity and greater understanding.
Unfortunately, we have seen that many of those on the top have failed to recognize the core values or demands of the people. These leaders have put their own self-interests above the interests of the society and the nation.
Self-indulgence in any society creates uneasiness among the people and leads to various transgressions, which over a period of time may lead to felonies and crimes at a large scale, tearing apart the very fabric of the society that keeps all its segments together.
The pace setters and top leaders have to set examples for political activists and the youth. If the example is not worthy of emulation and they continue to ignore public opinion, it means that the top leadership is not delivering as expected from it. At no cost should the trendsetters go for easy money, defy laws and adopt corrupt practices, whether as a short-term affair or long-term norm.
The very route to success and accomplishments has to be defined through honest struggle and hard work and not through short-cuts and devious means. Essentially speaking, the political leadership and all others should work to highlight and eliminate corrupt practices no matter at what level they are. They should not be seen practicing questionable ethics. Instead, they should come out as examples worthy of emulation for the youth and all others.
Also, the top leadership while dealing with other nations, no matter how powerful they are, should not be submissive and must protect the national interests. The leadership should conduct itself with dignity and honour at all times, setting a case in point both for the people of the country and foreign nationals.