Awards to ‘Foreign Friends of Bangladesh’
Aayan Faiz


According to a report, published in ‘Indian Express’, Bangladesh will celebrate its 40 years of freedom this December by honoring 150 foreign friends and institutions who helped or supported the struggle for liberation. Government of Bangladesh now intends to arrange the 4th phase of ceremony inviting 150 foreign friends including Indian President Pranab Mukherjee. Before this, in the 1st phase on 25 July 2011, the Bangladesh Freedom Honour was given to Indira Gandhi. In the 2nd phase on 27 March 2012, the government honoured 83 individuals and organizations. And on 26 October 2012, in the 3rd phase 61 individuals and organizations were honoured. and It is learnt that approximately 15 Pakistanis are also included in the final list that are being honoured for their contribution to the so called Bangladesh’s liberation war against their own country’s regime way back in 1971. It is important to mention here that participation by any Pakistani for receiving an award indicates that some unidentified forces, taking the advantage of a pro-India Government in Bangladesh and bent upon excavating the dead issues in order to deform the image of Pakistan and Pakistan Army.

Last month, Shiekh Hasina Wajid, Prime Minister of Bangladesh, refused to attend recently held D-8 Conference in Pakistan unless Pakistan tendered apology for, what she said, Genocide of Bengalis. It is unfortunate that some pseudo-intellectuals/media persons from Pakistan, who are ever ready to join hands with anti Army forces, are also becoming a part of this malicious campaign. In this regard, the plea and arguments advanced by a renowned journalist in support of rendering an apology to Bangladesh for the alleged violation of human rights by Pakistan Army in the former East Pakistan during 1971, is emotionally charged appeal that fails to hold water when seen in the historical perspective. Events in East Pakistan, documented by many of the historians, negate the propaganda against Pakistan Army, suggesting that it was ‘Mukti Bahini’ trained and abetted by India that let loose the killing spree of West Pakistanis stationed in East Pakistan. The mad boys of Mukti Bahini obsessed with vengeance and venom did not spare the innocent children and women even.
On 18 December 1971, Indian-trained Mukti Bahini killers set up a human abattoir in Dhaka Race Course. Eye gouging and burning the skin of the victims was a favorite torture method of the rebels. Since his advent to power in Dhaka, Sheikh Mujibur Rehman has drummed the phony charge that Pakistan Army has killed three million of his countrymen in 1971. In civil strife, there is undoubtedly some loss of life on both sides but it is unbelievable that all through the nine months of strife in East Pakistan. There is an ample evidence to prove that India was sending weapons and ammunition and armed infiltrators into East Pakistan to help the Awami League cadres long before the federal military intervention on March 25, 1971. One can quote many speeches of Mujib, Awami League leaders and the activities of Awami League student wing in Dhaka University against Pakistan and for the establishment of Bangladesh. It is also crystal clear that the Awami League’s terror machine was the initiator and executor of the genocide of non-Bengalis which exterminated at least half a million of them in less than two months of horror and trauma.
It is worth mentioning that Indo-Bangladesh relations have never been cordial. In Bangladesh, India is viewed as a bully, throwing its weight around and threatening the sovereignty of its smaller neighbors. There are several issues between the two countries, which are the cause of grave concern for Bangladesh. These includes, water issue, land issue, fencing of border, Indian support to Chakma community etc. On the other hand, to make Bangladesh totally dependent on and subservient to India, Indian expansionists ruined Bangladesh’s education, culture, social value, economy, agriculture, industries. India designs to imbalance Bangladesh to such degree that it becomes dysfunctional and failed state totally dependent on India for survival. India has sunk its claws deep into Bangladeshi policy. Many Bangladeshi policymakers, politicians, intellectuals, bureaucrats, business magnets etc, who directly and indirectly control the state crafts of Bangladesh have either become India’s pawns to grab their self-interest, who give priority to their immediate gains instead of national interest and sovereignty.
Ironically, Bangladesh has decided to walk an extra mile to honour Indians for their services in ratcheting out a separate homeland for them. It clearly shows pro-India policy of the government of Sheikh Hasina Wajid just to appease India. While conferring of awards to some Pakistani journalists/institutions for their role in creating Bangladesh is a part of grandeur design to malign Pakistan in the eyes of the world. In these circumstances, no Pakistani should play into the hands of enemy by blaming Army and ask to render an apology for ‘imaginary crimes’. The demand is highly unjustified unwarranted that must not be entertained on the rhetoric of some elements who are all out to undermine the prestige and image of Pakistan Army.