Honouring Friends of Bangladesh
By: Bassam Javed


Reportedly, Bangladesh has decided to walk an extra mile to honor Indians and others for their services in ratcheting out a separate homeland for them. The occasion is cerebrated every year albeit with more exuberance under Bangladesh’s one of the main political parties the ‘Awami League.’ Awami League had colluded with India in facilitating latter’s intervention in Pakistan’s internal affairs to create Bangladesh. Whereas the month of December every year brings joy to the Bangladeshis, it also brings pains to Pakistanis who lost their near and dear ones who sacrificed their lives defending their motherland. It was not only the military personnel but also the social elite, intellectuals, businessmen and educationists of high repute that till the end of the war, tried their level best to keep Bengali brethren in their fold for they all struggled together in 1947 to wrest a separate homeland for themselves.

A special committee that met earlier in March this year under the chairmanship of Bangladesh foreign minister Dipu Moni announced awards for an additional 1400 Indian armed forces’ personnel that Bangladesh concluded helped create their country. While thanking Indian services the Foreign Minister disclosed that Indian Army and Bangladeshi forces were put under a joint command structure led by Indian Army Lt. Gen Jagjit Singh Aurora, in-charge of the Indian Eastern Command theatre of operations then and this joint force was named as the ‘Mitra bahini’.

But times have gone by since. Pakistanis have walked extra miles to return the two countries to the times when they worked together and enjoyed each others’ friendships at institutional and personal levels. Awami League regime however, for having achieved its separatist agenda of dividing Pakistan into two states in connivance with Indians, continues to stick to its ‘Pakistani apology’ mantra defying all reconciliation efforts by Pakistan. This is all being done naturally to please its benefactors in India. To acknowledge India’s role in independence of Bangladesh, its government routinely bestows honors on whosoever Bangladesh considers had to do something with its independence. It is not restricted to Indians alone, some foreigners have also recieved the routine awards.

Hundreds of awards have been conferred on foreign nationals and organizations thus far for their roles in creating Bangladesh as a separate entity. In the 1st phase of awards conferring ceremonies UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi had recieved the ‘Bangladesh Freedom Honor Award on behalf of her mother-in-law Indra Gandhi at a function held in Dhaka on 25th of July, 2011. That award included a 200 tola gold medal and a strong citation. Earlier this year in March, the second phase, India’s current Defense Minister A K Antony was also conferred with the award on behalf of the Indian armed services. There were another 82 friends of Bangladesh that had received in this phase. The third phase comprised 61 recipients of the awards out of which 52 belonged to India in October this year. The rest belong to Nepal, US, UK, Vietnam, Australia, Sweden and Italy. Some of the notable names include other than Indra Gandhi are former British Prime Minister Edward Heath, former US Ambassador to India Kenneth Galbraith and US senator Frank church.

The fourth phase of ceremony is scheduled for 15 December this year in Bangladesh wherein around 150 foreign friends and institutions including Indian president have been invited. There are news that the final list also includes around 15 Pakistanis that are also being honored for their services rendered in the creating the estate of Bangladesh against the interests of their own country in 1971. Their names have been kept secret thus far. Whosoever they turn out to be one thing is certain, if they go on the podium and receive awards supposedly in betrayal of their motherland Pakistan, they could not be friends of Pakistan. Since they cannot be friends of Pakistan how could they have been the friends of Bangladesh in the context of Bangladesh’s independence. If at all some Pakistanis are included in the final list for ‘Awards’ conferment on 15th of this December, it would reflect that current Bangladesh regime still connives with Indian counterparts to instill feelings of hate and repulsion between the two nations by propping up conflicting issues between the two countries. If it does happen, it will be a classical act of Indian intelligence agency ‘RAW” exploiting Bangladesh to defame Pakistan. Exploiting its advantageous position in Bangladesh state affairs, Indian Prime Intelligence Agency ‘RAW’ is working to rekindle old conflicting issues between the two nations to defame Pakistan and its security establishment and continue to alienate the peoples of the two countries.

Analyzing the persistent inclination of some media heavy weights in generating India favorable news / articles and cultural events impacting the minds of common Pakistanis, a renowned media outlet is identified as a tool of Indian psychological war in Pakistan. We have also noticed a sustained series of bashing the Pakistani Armed Forces, particularly the army, by other misdirected institutions and individuals as well. Slanderous campaigns against the army has been the recent fashion on our private channels and their related newspapers lately. There are still many amongst us who feel elated appearing on television screens and commenting on sensitive issues that otherwise tantamount creating dissentions not only in the Pakistani society but also between various institutions of the state. Their messages and overtures sometimes makes the listener ponder on whose sides actually these people are playing on. If the Bangladesh awards list is true on some Pakistanis being the awardees, many of us will not be surprised as they have been listened too much too many times on the media and have revealed themselves as open books for their anti-state and anti-army rhetoric. On their part, the Indians and the Bangladeshi intelligence agencies, awarding Pakistani journalists or institutions for their role in creating Bangladesh is a part of their grandeur designs to continue malign Pakistan and its armed forces in the eyes of the world.