Wrath on military intelligence
Waqar Ahmed


According to a Press report appearing in a section of Press on 3 Dec 2012, military intelligence is collecting the data of journalists and for that, they are visiting the homes of journalists. Two persons form MI came to the residence of a lady journalist. They very courteously introduced themselves to her and told her that they were collecting some basic data about journalists. They had a form with them with different columns of questions and answers like religion, sect etc. She refused to cooperate with the visitors and sent them back.

It is a normal practice in all the developed countries that journalists interact with senior military and civil officers for one reason or the other. It is also a norm that the agencies collect data about journalists and even a security clearance is obtained for the purpose of security.
In the prevailing volatile law and order situation in the country, the life of not only the Army or civil officers is at threat but the journalists are also suffering from the same menace.
So collecting data that too in a very open and cordial atmosphere should not be subject to criticism rather the activity should be encouraged and supported. This will not only protect the military and civil dignitaries but also be beneficial for the journalists. Our media-men should not try to make a mountain out of every mole-hill.