Amnesty Report, Kashmir and brutal law
Asghar Ali Shad


Humanitarian circles of the world very often criticize the state-terrorism of the Indian forces and other paramilitary forces in the Occupied Kashmir. In this context, Amnesty International has issued a report titled “PSA Still a Lawless Law”. This report highlights the anti-human aspects of the Public Safety Act (PSA) implemented by the Indian Security Forces. Earlier, the Citizen’s Council of Justice (CCJ) has also verified the worst violation of human rights in Occupied Kashmir.

Analysts pointed out that the Security Council of the United Nations on the occasion of its anniversary on October 25 did not mention about the resolution on the right of self-determination of Kashmiris which was on their agenda. However, the Delhi government has made this impression through propaganda that the movement of Independence in Kashmir is being run with the support of Pakistan. But, ground realities are completely contrary to it. According to humanitarian circles, the statement of the head of the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF), NC Asthana, on August 28, 2012 exposed India’s state-terrorism and state that the anti-Indian sentiments of the Kashmiris were natural. Dynamic factors lie in the Indian strategy and the independence movement of Kashmiris has no support from external sources.
Mr. Asthana, aged 52, belongs to the state of Kerala. This high level official has been retained on various important offices of the Indian paramilitary forces in Indian Held Kashmir (IHK) during 1990 to 2010. He made these remarks on the basis of his personal experience. He has also co-authored a book with his wife, Anjali Nirmal: India’s Internal Security: The actual concerns, which will soon be available in the market. Mind you, Mrs Nirmal holds a Ph.D degree in the Police Administration, that’s why her opinion and writings cannot be taken lightly. On August 28, 2012, Mr Asthana, head of CRPF in his interview to the widely-published and read news website, elaborated that Assembly Election turn-out, or the increase in tourists should not be given wrong meanings that Kashmiris had agreed on joining India. Or the people of Kashmir have given up the struggle for the separation from India. According to him, Indian leadership should not remain in any illusion. He further elaborated that whenever any freedom fighter dies while countering the Indian forces, thousands of people participated in his funeral to express their hatred and resentment against Delhi’s occupation. Also, usually, slogans of independence were chanted on such occasions, even though, the deceased might not have belonged to the occupied state. Such actions reflect the sentiments of separation from India which are natural and intense.
In the same interview, Mr N C Asthana, said that the feeling of insecurity among the Muslims living in other parts of India was natural and severe.
The reason behind this feeling is that the state does not recognize the loyalty of the Muslims towards the state, in fact, it was eyed with suspicion.
In addition to it, after every terrorist activity in any part of India, Muslim residents of that area are arrested and locked up in jails after torture. Paradoxically, most of the Muslims afterwards are declared innocent. In the interview given to the Tehalka magazine, Mr Asthana, also mentioned facts and figures. He also admitted that the Indian media was also equally responsible for the injustices being done to the Indian Muslims and Kashmiri people. Like other stakeholders, the Indian media made baseless charges about the Indian Muslims and Kashmiris. After making this bold statement, he wondered how the challenges of internal security faced by India will be met.
According to neutral analysts, many high officials of the Indian Army, Police and Intelligence agencies after retirement had been uncovering secrets in the past. However, being in service, Mr Asthana, listened to the voice of his conscience which is indeed commendable.
It is also in the air that Mr Asthana is being nominated to head the COBRA organization which is aimed at crushing Naxalite Movement. In this context, many conservative circles in India are demanding to open an inquiry against him. It is hoped that the people in Pakistan who side with the Delhi government would reconsider their approach after knowing this situation.