The Terrorism That We Face
Alam Rind


Pakistan is experiencing the worst down slide of its history. Terrorism in Pakistan can be categorized as sectarian, political and that perpetrated by criminal elements. Each group is working to pursue its own interests. Taliban resort to bomb blasts in Pakistan as a retaliation to their killing in the fight with security forces, to avenge drone attacks and to vent out anger against NATO forces. They, for sure, want to implement their own school of thought that lacks popular acceptability as was demonstrated in Swat and South Waziristan. The struggle by different political forces to dominate Karachi also some how contributes towards unlawful killings in the city. Death of a large number of political workers in the ongoing spat in the city validates this claim.

There is no denying that certain criminal elements also see opportunity and grind their own axe taking advantage of prevalent mayhem. Sectarian attacks are yet an other dimension that seriously threatens security situation of the country.
The irony is that a culture of pursuing political and sectarian objectives through use of force has taken roots in the society. It is essentially due to weak and influenced governance. The government has not been able to define and then enact laws against terrorism in the country. To fill this gap Chief of Army Staff, General Kayani, on the occasion of Independence Day of Pakistan on August 14, 2012, defined terrorism as, “any person who believes his opinion to be the final verdict is an extremist” and if “one tries to enforce his opinion through use of gun, it becomes terrorism.” It is a broad and a comprehensive definition that can be used to enact legislations to combat terrorism in the country. Reportedly over 900 terrorists could not be convicted by the courts due to absence appropriate legal provisions. Resultantly they are free to further devastate the country. Political parties and parliamentarian have not been able to enact appropriate law due to lack of political will. That makes them party to the crime against the state and against its people. A dissent to the degree has been created that while people of Pakistan are dying certain quarters call it as Americas war. They need to views the impact of terrorism on the economy of Pakistan, its society and on the individuals those who have endured its cruelty. Irrespective of the fact that as to how terrorism took roots in the country, know as General Kayani said, “it is our own war, and a just war too.”
For sure war against terror is a just war. One, that it is against the basic tenets of Islam to kill anyone without rhyme or reason. Secondly, it is not as simplistic as it may be perceived by unaware onlookers. Noble Taliban who fought for the cause of Islam and to defeat an infidel army no more exist. These are cheap mercenaries working to fulfill the designs of their masters in Pakistan. Religious robes are only wore to have greater acceptability among illiterate segments of the society. By doing so they also manage to recruit youth to act as foot soldiers to unlash terrorist acts considering these to be Islamic and holy. Their primary objective is to destabilize Pakistan. Their is a popular discussion at international forums as how Pakistani nuclear weapons would be managed if Pakistan ends up as a failed state. It is little contemplated as to who Pakistan will reach that stage and who will push it to that level of anarchy. The only force that can do it in relatively shorter timeframe are terrorists. They are out there killing innocent people at an unprecedented scale. At this point in time it seems that they are trying to create wedge between different sects.
A multifaceted approach needs to be adopted to check terrorism and resultant negative down slide in the country. For this nation needs to be educated that fight against terrorism is “our war,” we have to fight and win it. As a first step, government needs to utilize all its resources to crackdown on to terrorists to blunt their ongoing offensive. An aggressive approach needs to be taken rather than protecting sensitive places. For wider participation prominent personalities belonging to different segments of society must be taken on board. An effective judicial system will play an important role in discouraging commoners from becoming party to terrorists. To realize this it is important that government must enact appropriate legislations so that terrorists are aptly punished. Joblessness and lack of healthy activity creates environment wherein terrorists can find potential recruits. Regeneration of economic activity in the country is an important element in fight against terrorism. Government must take steps to reduce energy shortfall and create conditions conducive to reinvigorate present businesses and for fresh investment from within and abroad. Such measures can help contain and cure terrorism in the country only if taken.