No upcoming operation in North Waziristan
Afia Ambreen


Indo-US media have started propaganda about the possible military operation in North Waziristan Agency. They have been trying to create doubts that US troops may get directly involved when Pakistan Army will undertake an operation in North Waziristan. It is pertinent to mention that in the third week of August, General James N. Mattis, Commander US CENTCOM, called on Chief of Army Staff General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani.

In that meeting the Chief of the Army Staff clarified Pakistan’s position by referring to Secretary Clinton’s statement of July 3, 2012, in which she talked of coordinated actions against terrorists who threaten Pakistan and the region. In the same meeting, General Kayani categorically dispelled the baseless reports published in US media, regarding understanding given to General John Allen, Commander ISAF about Pakistan Army’s readiness to launch joint operations in the North Waziristan Agency. “We might, if necessary, undertake operations in NWA, in the timeframe of our choosing and determined only by our political and military requirements. It will never be a result of any outside pressure. Pakistan’s national interest continues to be the prime consideration for any decision in this regard,” said General Kayani.
Since 9/11, US has been playing double game with Pakistan, sometimes praising Pak Army for successful military operations, sometimes ISI for capturing renowned Al Qaeda commanders, sometimes cajoling Islamabad with economic and military aid, sometimes claiming that US wants to improve its relationship with Pakistan, and sometimes reviving accusations regarding cross-border terrorism in Afghanistan. But at the same time, in connivance with India and Israel, America has been continuing its anti-Pakistan activities by supporting militancy in Pakistan through various subversive activities including sectarian and ethnic violence in the country.
In this respect, American CIA, Indian secret agency RAW and Israeli Mossad have also been sending heavily-armed militants from Afghanistan’s side, which intermittently target the security check posts of Pakistani forces and other infrastructure of the areas, located near Afghan border. For these hidden aims, especially, RAW has hired the services of many Indian Muslims. Posing themselves as militants, they have joined the ranks and files of the outlawed Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) and other extremist outfits. Pakistan’s Interior Minister Rehman Malik and top civil and military officials have repeatedly disclosed that training camps are present in Afghanistan, and supply of arms and ammunition to the Baloch separatists and Pakistani Taliban keeps on going by the external elements as part of a conspiracy against Pakistan. Notably, Pakistan is the only nuclear country in the Islamic World. Hence, US, India and Israel seem determined to weaken it.
America which has always emphasized Pakistan to ‘do more’ against the militants has now focused North Waziristan. For this purpose, their media and high officials have started a well-organised campaign in the western countries that Haqqanis are the real terrorists who are continuously targeting NATO installations in Afghanistan. One would not know if it is trust deficit or pernicious designs of the US and the NATO countries when they point their fingers of accusation towards Pakistan either for not doing enough to rein in militants or for supporting and training them.
It is puerile nonsense even to imagine that Pakistan is out to destabilize Afghanistan, as Pakistan can gain immensely from stable Afghanistan. It will present tremendous business opportunities because Afghanistan will be a bridge to Central Asian republics.
If one dispassionately evaluates and examines the prevailing situation it is not difficult to draw conclusion that detractors of Pakistan have coalesced as their interests converge in the region. It goes without saying that India would be the greatest beneficiary if the gulf between two brotherly Muslim countries widens. The US should review its policy and try to identify the causes for violence in Afghanistan, and address the issues.
Today, the US and Indian media is replete with a lot of speculations regarding the North Waziristan operation. The aim and objective of this media campaign is nothing but to build a negative pressure and force Pakistan to go for the operation in the North Waziristan Agency.
It must be kept in mind that Pakistan is a sovereign state; it knows well how to take care of its national interests; it would never undertake any operation in NWA under international pressure, prematurely.
If any operation is imminent, it will be decided by the government of Pakistan and the Pakistan Army keeping in view the internal dynamics and national interests of the country.