‘Pakistan still suffering from OBL raid fallout’
Waqar Ahmed


One year after the one-sided operation carried out by the US to nab Osama bin Laden from a compound in Abbottabad, the ill effects of the CIA misadventure still linger on. According to security experts at think tanks in the capital, the impact of the raid on Pakistan can be divided in four categories.

The experts say following the attack, Pakistani intelligence agencies were denigrated and maligned both at the national and international level. This was despite the fact that the lead that took CIA to Osama’s house was provided by none other than the Inter-Services Intelligence. The Americans, using far superior technology, developed on the lead and reached Osama first. Then without taking the ISI into confidence, they carried out the operation to eliminate him.

Moreover, these experts highlight the fact that the repercussions of the infamous raid also hit Pakistan as a country. While no evidence has been found that Osama was ever supported by officials of Pakistani intelligence, an expert says: “The raid nevertheless provided a God-sent opportunity to Pakistan-bashers in the West, who had a field day.”

Pakistan Army and Air Force also did not escape the fallout of the raid. Both organizations, highly skilled and professional, were blamed for allowing the violations of Pakistan’s territorial sovereignty.
Another consequence of the raid, which was very much expected, was deterioration in relations between Pakistan and the United States. “The US leadership created an environment of mistrust and cynicism between the two countries, destroying the spirit of coalition to collectively fight terrorism,” an analyst added. Looking to the future, one can only say the scars created by the unilateral raid by CIA to capture OBL will take time to heal.