Foreign Ministry getting ready for Kabul attacks fallout


An intense debate has begun in the Foreign Ministry after the Pentagon, on the basis of the information of the Afghan Interior Ministry, blamed Haqqani network for launching coordinated attacks throughout Afghanistan with nearly 18-hours of fighting in Kabul.

The Sundayís terror strikes in Kabul and other provinces in Afghanistan are being reviewed in different perspectives with some suggesting that the attacks were carried out to disrupt peace talks between the Taliban and Afghan government.

The attacks are also being assessed in the light of recently approved recommendations of the Parliamentary Committee on National Security. According to sources, the linking of terrorist attacks with the Haqqani network is an attempt to directly or indirectly involve Pakistan or its territory in this episode.

It may be mentioned here that the Parliamentary Committee on National Security (PCNS) has strongly recommended the US authorities to stop drone attacks inside Pakistan.

If the involvement of Haqqani network is accepted as per US desire, it would provide a pitch to the Americans to continue drone strikes in the Pakistani territory. Sources believed that, in the days ahead, the US-led NATO forces and Afghan government would step up pressure on Pakistan for launching military action against militants in North Waziristan Agency (NWA).

Independent observers say that disappointed by the new peace initiative by Pakistan and Afghanistan, anti-Pakistan elements intended to create misunderstandings between Kabul and Islamabad by sabotaging their new cooperation including their peace deals with the Afghan militants.

They further said that the attacks are aimed at sabotaging peace process after the assassination of Prof Burhanuddin Rabbani, which is not in the interest of the country. Pakistan has been striving hard to help the international community and the Afghan government to rebuild the war-torn Afghanistan. Pakistan also understands that a peaceful and prosperous Afghanistan is in the interest of all regional countries and is a pre-requisite for stability in the region.

Sources said that Pakistan could not ignore the Indian establishmentís role in training the Afghan security forces. They also said that Pakistanís Foreign Ministry is deeply monitoring the overall developments taking place in the region and would formulate a comprehensive strategy for its future fallout.