Countering US plan in Balochistan
Dr Raja Muhammad Khan


About US, Congressional hearing on Balochistan, Pakistan has shown its serious concern. On its part, “Pakistan views this hearing with serious concern and considers it unacceptable in no uncertain terms. This kind of an exercise constitutes interference in Pakistan’s internal affairs. The hearing will be detrimental to building mutual trust and confidence and will add to suspicions in Pakistan about the US motives in the region and concerning Pakistan.”

Pakistani Foreign Office has conveyed its concern to US authorities in Washington as well as to US Ambassador in Islamabad. As per Foreign Office spokesman, “We have conveyed our concern in Islamabad and Washington on the issue of discussion on Balochistan by the US Senate’s Foreign Relations Committee and expressed our feelings.” “We believe that Washington fully understands our position on this issue.” Unquestionably, the United States Congressional act of hearing on Balochistan is an “ill-advised and ill-considered” move as declared by Pakistani Ambassador to US, Sherry Rehman. This act of US Congressmen is a direct involvement in the internal affairs of Pakistan.Balochistan Province is indeed half of Pakistan and no one in the world has the right to debate or discuss any part of Pakistan. Such an act is against the international norms, UN Charter, the concept of nation state and over and above the international law. This is the exclusive right of Pakistani nationals, its law makers and the elected representatives of the state to debate and redress the grievances of the people. Certainly, this US Congressional act will have serious repercussions for the Pak-US relationship, already passing through a critical juncture of the history. It is very unfortunate on the part of this superpower and so-called Pakistani ally that its law makers dared to debate on a part of Pakistan. As a nation, Pakistan condemns this US Congressmen act and hope that US would apologize over this unprecedented beginning for interference within the boundaries of Pakistan. Owing to its geo-strategic and geo-economic significance, US think tanks and CIA has been covertly debating and planning about the future of the Balochistan province of Pakistan since last many years. In fact, this almost 43 percent territory of Pakistan is considered to have huge quantity of hydrocarbons and other minerals including very costly one like gold and copper deposits. Since the location of this province is a gateway, linking various regions of Asia either through sea or overland, therefore, global powers of their times have always kept eyes on the Balochistan since centuries. This was true for Tsarist Russia and British India and now the sole superpower, the United States.Being significantly located, the province gained renewed and enhanced global attention in the recent years, mainly because of the rapidly changing global and regional political and security situation. Securing the resources and international maritime and overland routes on one hand and denying its use to others, as part of “New Great Game” has further enhanced the importance of this province of Pakistan. Apparently, the rapidly escalating US-Iran confrontation, Middle Eastern crises and ever growing Pak-China strategic relationship are the significant aspects which might have impelled United States law makers to rapidly divulge their long term evil designs, otherwise have been debated secretly among the US close circles for years. We must be mindful that as a policy, US State Department (White House) and Pentagon never accept the responsibility of any such act of their think tanks, law makers and even their media and writers. But, this is also an essential part of US strategy that it encourages and finances its think tanks, law makers, media and individual writers to initiate a debate and get feed back about a US future plan.This indeed is an exercise, US carries out to change the public perception and accordingly modify its planned action, in the light responses received from various quarters. This should be kept in mind that, this is an agreed US strategy, jointly formulated by the State Department, Pentagon and CIA. US has been successfully conceiving and implementing this strategy throughout the globe during cold war as well as thereafter, till date. Terrorism in Afghanistan and WMD in Iraq together with human rights and democratic agendas, which led to US invasion in these two independent countries are very recent examples to quote, as the outcome of this nefarious US policy. In the process of these debates, state agents mostly CIA operatives, hire the locals, particularly notables of the areas, pay them heavily and exploit them subsequently, thus paving way for the accomplishment of the evil designs of this superpower. As parallel developments, through well orchestrated strategies like electronic and print media projections, these agents go all out to change the public perceptions in favor of their debates leading to policy formulation for any future humanitarian interventions, as a champion of human rights world wide, forgetting Guantanamo Bay, Bagram Base and Abu Ghraib. These malevolence strategies are designed so well that, the people of the area get an impression as if they have really found their saviours, who would improve their living standards in the days to come. Those show any reservations and reluctance to the hidden agendas, are then put through the miseries through their locally hired agents, working for them for few dollars. Those who prove more hardened to follow their script and agenda, are then put through torture and subsequent brutal murders, later putting blame on the local government, intelligence agencies and security forces with an intent to defame them. This is not enough; in order to provoke anti-state feelings at an even higher degree, some of the anti-state elements are also killed. This indeed is done to give the entire process a realistic touch and such acts are repeated for longer and deeper impact locally as well as globally.During this exercise, some of those are also killed who tend to differ from their format and try to get back to their patriotic obligations with the state of Pakistan. Indeed, their murders are committed more brutally and inhumanly to make them examples for rest of the people, who may think of going back to join the ranks and file of patriotic ones and may have tried to leak out these foreign conspiracies to others and government officials and agencies. In the absence of available facts and realistic view, these murders are then exploited to create more hatred among those still standing at fence with neutral thoughts. Under the fear of their lives, these neutral people are then forced to be part of these anti-state elements, otherwise the minimum stakes are their lives if not families too. As a killing machine, as globally known, CIA along with its sister intelligence agencies like RAW and Mossad has devised new methods of murdering the people in a more inhuman ways and their disfigured bodies (after inhuman killings) are then thrown to public places for creating either more anti-state emotions among those still patriotic nationals or else to bring these events in a broader canvas through highly biased US and Western media having partners in Pakistani media with the sole intentions to defame the state, its intelligence agencies and security forces (Pak Army). All aims to present the state’s failure to protect the people of this God gifted province of Pakistan. These CIA agents, who at times have two or more faces; a hidden one of being a CIA operatives and an overt but soft one either; as a law maker, member of think tank, media group, an analyst and a writer and at time the members of very humanistic NGOs.The game does not stop here. The powerful CIA having the warmth of dollars behind, have been showering these dollars to some of very powerful people in Pakistan. Those who have been blessed with US appreciations and rain of unlimited dollars, include prominent media men, scholars, think tanks, politicians and even academicians. They keep praising the US acts while maligning Pakistani security forces and ISI on the behest of United States. For them dollars and US blessing and frequent visits to US and Western institutions are more important than the national pride and national interest. Alas! Had such pro US lot could find for themselves a good place in US and Pakistan could get rid of their anti-state activities and poisoning of its innocent masses any further. The most important query is that, after all why as a nation we have failed to make public, the evil designs of CIA, its collaborator intelligence agencies and some covert faces within Pakistan, who support their format and agenda against the state of Pakistan. Why our think tanks, academicians, analysts, media and above all the politicians are not voicing against these growing conspiracies. Rather some of them are truly following their script. It is very easy for them to point fingers against their own security forces and ISI, but they are unable to unveil the real actors; the CIA, RAW, Mossad and many other, who kill Pakistanis (Balochs in particular) and through their mutilated and disfigured bodies to defame Pakistani security forces and ISI, by creating hate among the people. Only an insane can think that Pakistani security forces can brutally kill its Baloch masses and disfigure their bodies to create hate for themselves. Very recently Pak Army enrolled over 20,000 Baloch youth in the Army in order to give them equal opportunities for service in the Army. Should there still be logic of Army killing these masses in Balochistan. Why media people met US councilor in Lahore and many others are meeting with either CIA or RAW agents elsewhere to promote their cause. Let us think as a nation and think for the future of Pakistan, rather be operative of foreign intelligence agencies just for few dollars or for the appreciations of those who are conspiring against the national integration of Pakistan. Now it is evident that, US agenda against Pakistan is unveiling rapidly, therefore, let us take counter measures. The best way would be to promote national integration, and redress the grievances of Baloch people on priority. At the same time, state must identify and take legal actions against those Pakistanis, who are playing in the hands of foreign spying agencies. In this regard we have to formulate a practicable national response through a well thought out security strategy and by mobilizing the masses to counter this propaganda campaign against Pakistan and its security institutions.