Time to tone down rhetoric on memogate: experts
Waqar Ahmed


Following the decision taken by the Supreme Court to form a commission on the memogate issue, it is time to tone down the rhetoric on the subject, say experts well versed in internal and external security issues.

They say efforts are being made by some elements to turn the tables on those who discovered the evidence of the scandal and to put them into bad light. It is a simple case of national security, which is being politicised. Also, it was former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and not the ISI or the army chief who have taken the matter to the SC so as to ascertain who the real culprits are behind all this mess.

“An impression is being projected by vested interests that DG ISI had personally investigated the memogate while the fact is that the DG ISI only established the authenticity of the memo and is requesting for an honest investigation so that the real perpetrators of the memo could be brought to justice,” said an expert.

Meanwhile, continuous reports about sacking of senior military officials are not diminishing the impact of the crisis perpetuated by the memogate. The memogate has already stretched the tensions between the government and military, which have taken diametrically opposite views on the sensitive issue.

“Now if any decision on sackings of army and ISI chief is taken despite public assurances by the prime minister, we all know that it could have dangerous consequences,” says an expert

working at an Islamabad think-tank dealing with national security.

He added that while the civil-military tensions had come down to some extent, the continuous appearance of such reports was keeping everybody on the edge.

“It is about time we toned down such reports,” he said, adding that speculative stories were not in anybody’s interest.

An authoritative source made it clear the army did have a major role in the country’s security. “The memo cannot be simply brushed aside. However, at the same time, the media hype on sackings of ISI and army chiefs should end as it is furthering the already explosive situation.” It is to be noted that any such step, while creating chaos, would also seriously damage Pakistan’s stance on the war on terror and other national security issues.