Defaming ISI and Army
Dr. Raja Muhammad Khan


There is no doubt that there have been military rule in Pakistan for almost half of its independent history. However, only an insane would believe the reports that, “Director General of the Inter Services Intelligence Agency, has hatched a conspiracy to overthrow the democratically elected government and parliament by taking help from some Arab monarchies who have strong influence in the affairs of the country.” The originator of this plot perhaps is unaware of the history of military coups in Pakistan. Through the record of the accomplishment of the military coups in Pakistan, one would know that military take over were most peaceful and without consent of Arabs monarchs or any other friends of Pakistan. This is also a reality that, there never have been a bloodshed nor were there any worthwhile resistance by the civil governments, during the military takeovers. Knowledge of these coups or over through of civil governments was restricted to only few, who really mattered on the need to know basis.

Irrespective of the source; US spying agency, Mansur Ijaz or any other, the basic question arise, should not there have been an element of secrecy for such an overthrow of democratically elected Government by Pak Army. Was there really a requirement of involving too many actors and countries to support the Pak Army for a military take over? Should not have such an act, given away the needed level of secrecy? Was DG ISI sent by Army Chief in these Arab countries to request them to send their troops to support Pak Army during the process of this take over? Was it too difficult for the Pak Army to over through the civil Government, thus, needing foreign assistance? So After all, why DG ISI could have sought approval of the Arab monarchs for this very very secret act, if at all, there was something.
As an analyst of national and international affairs, I would seriously challenge the wisdom of those, who initiated such an unfounded report. Indeed, there is no need of an intellectual wisdom, even a layman would raise question about the genuineness of such a accusing report, as it is quite unconvincing. It is surprising to read the article of ‘The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC)’, which says that, “The Pakistan Army has been trying for two years to overthrow the civilian government.” If this contention is true, then who was blocking this overthrow; Arab monarchs or the initiator of plot? The initiator of the report would surely be a sense of proportion case, but those who believed this without questioning, should also form part of the same very group.
The question arises, had there been a plan of military takeover by Pak Army, who could have resisted or stopped that. Could anyone block such an attempt in 1958, 1968, 1977 and 1999? Therefore, this statement is indeed contradictory to the reality and nothing more than a provocation and defaming. The reality is that, the current military establishment and ISI hierarchy are strongest advocates’ of the democracy in the country. Both feels that, democracy should prosper in Pakistan and that is why, at time Military establishment and ISI were blamed for being supportive to the current Government, despite growing discontentment among the masses. The initiator of this report should have been cognizant of this reality at least. Nevertheless, an impatient worker of an unknown political party has even launched a petition in the Supreme Court of Pakistan, making this baseless report as the foundation. He also forgot that Memo gate case is already sub-judice in the court. Besides, some pseudo scholar and vagrant TV anchors, while taking a lead from these misleading reports are undertaking widespread propaganda against ISI and Army.
Unfortunately, most of these propagandists have not bothered to personally investigate the issue and just on, mere suppositions and assumptions are instigating the masses against the premier national intelligence setup and its head. This is a height of provocation by the so-called Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC), who is asking the people to, “write letters to authorities” against DG ISI for his removal and prosecution for High Treason under article 6 of the Constitution. Why these so-called human rights groups looked the other way, once the US invading forces were unleashing the rain of terror in Abu Ghraib Jail in Iraq and Guantanamo Bay. What about killing of over 100,000 Kashmiris, at the hands of Indian forces since 1990? Why this so-called commission was sleeping then, being an Asian one. These issues should have been the mandate of AHRC, rather propagating against ISI. Today they have suddenly discovered that Pakistani, “military and the prime intelligence agency, the ISI has been involved in forced disappearances, kill and dump murders of thousands of people but the courts have never shown their courage to call the military before the law.” As this was no enough, bomb blasts and assassinations in Afghanistan have also been blamed on ISI by AHRC. The question arise that do AHRC have the mandate to write such instigating reports and articles about the domestic affairs and institutions of a sovereign country.
Now coming over to the real motives of implicating Pak Army and ISI on account of these irrational accusations. Indeed, this is part of US and Indian plan to defame these institutions of Pakistan, so that, they do not resist the US demands and also stop opposing Indian entrenchment in Afghanistan. For a long, it has been opined that armed forces of Pakistan were more close to US, but after having known the real motives of US and its strategic allies like India, armed forces of Pakistan have distanced themselves from these imperialistic forces. More over, US wanted Pakistani forces and ISI to follow its directive in Afghanistan even at the cost of its own national interest. Since Pakistan armed forces and ISI stopped accepting US demands, therefore, these forces joined hands to defame the ISI and Pak Army. This accusation is also part of the same plan. In the recent past, in order to punish Pakistan Army, U.S and NATO forces attacked its two border posts along Pak-Afghan border, killing over two dozens soldiers of Pakistan Army.
The nation has to understand that these are the conspiracies against its only organized and well-established institutions. The adversaries of Pakistan are all out to defame and subsequently punish ISI and Armed Forces, especially Pakistan Army for saying no to their demands. Pakistani scholars, academia and above all its most powerful media need to understand these conspiracies and rather singing their songs, should counter these propagandas’. Indeed, ISI is the eyes and ears of the country and acts a the first line of defence. It has been one of the most efficient spying organizations of the world. Its efficiency indeed, bothers Pakistan’s enemies, who then resort to such acts. Have any American speaks against CIA, which is globally called as the killing machine. Similarly, no Indian has ever talked bad about RAW, despite its regional and global ills. Indeed, as a nation we must respect our institutions rather accusing them on the desires of enemies. We should also realise the we should not become tool of foreign conspiracies.