Where gone the black man?
Ali Sukhanver


Shifting the portrait of President Obama from his room to the adjoining store-room, my elder son said to me, “The Americans are the misguided missiles. We will have to lead them to the right path. We will have to put them in the right place”. I still remember the day when President Obama was elected President of the USA and my son was celebrating his success in such a joyous manner as I had never ever noticed before. I had asked him, “Why are you so happy on the success of this black man?” I could very easily feel the trust and confidence oozing out of his words.

“Baba - This black man would one day illuminate every nook and corner of the world.” And now the same young man was eager to throw away the portrait of his ‘beloved leader’ somewhere in the junk of store-room. This is not only the story of my elder son; it is the story of every young man in Pakistan. Obama, who had become the most favourite leader of the Pakistani youth during his election campaign, no more resides in the hearts he had conquered. Though today, the Pakistani nation is unfortunately divided and sub-divided into countless fragments and fractions; sometimes on the basis of religious creeds and dogmas and sometimes on the basis of political leanings and inclinations but there is just one thing which has miraculously magnetized them together ; a never ending, ever-increasing hatred for the US. The recent malicious, merciless and cruelly indiscriminate aerial battering by NATO at Salala border outpost in Mohmand Agency has added a lot to this loathing. Although the NATO forces and the US troops deputed there in Afghanistan are two separate identities yet the people of Pakistan consider them one and the same thing. This aerial attack on Pakistani military check-post by the NATO forces is being regarded as a criminal act of aggression of the USA against Pakistan.

The US policy-makers seem completely ignorant of the reality that such mischievous activities earn nothing but a disgusting and revolting fury of every Pakistani. This brutal act which took the lives of more than 27 soldiers of Pakistan army and caused a lot of destruction to the Pakistani military check-post has put the whole nation in a state of pain and agony. The entire nation has collectively expressed its infuriation and aggravation at the loss of so many precious lives in the result of such malevolent and cantankerous act of violence. Our so-called American friends, the patrons of the NATO forces, have now made it clear to the people of Pakistan that it is the high-time they must come out of the oblivious and imaginary world of Pak-US friendship.

It is something very unfortunate that in spite of such a long companionship with Pakistan, the USA never succeeded in winning the hearts of the people of Pakistan. The so-called Pak-US relationship has never been very popular with the people of Pakistan. They have always been of the opinion that America has ever been exploiting this self-styled relationship for its own specified purposes. If America were sincere with the people of Pakistan, it could have done a lot for them in shape of economic and social reforms; it could have strengthened the armed forces of Pakistan so that they might be able to fight more enthusiastically against the menace of terrorism. Instead of showering drones and missiles on innocent citizens of Pakistan, it could have provided them with new opportunities of earning their bread but it never happened so. As a result of it, there came nothing but hatred and disliking for America on the part of the Pakistani people. The recent killing of the Pakistani soldiers has added more fuel to the already blazing passions of the Pakistani nation.

More pathetic is the fact that the US authorities are not ready to accept the responsibility of this brutality. They are continuously naming it as ‘unintended and unintentional attack’. While conveying her personal condolences on the deaths of Pakistani soldiers the United State Secretary Hillary Clinton reiterated the same US stance that the attack was not planned and both countries need wait for result of investigation. Such obstinate and stubborn behaviour of the US hi-ups would add to the already widening distances between the two countries.

The consequences would not be very much pleasing and encouraging for’ the warriors of the so-called war on terror.’ If the people of Pakistan are given two options; either to accept the supremacy of the Islamic extremists or to believe the American crocodile story of love and affection, they would surely opt for the first one, taking it as the lesser evil. Still there is a lot of time; things must be reconsidered; not only by the US policy makers but also by the political leadership of Pakistan.