‘We are not all CIA agents’
Mohammad Jamil


On 16th August, local English daily carried an article by Michael Kugalman, the South Asia programme associate at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars in Washington titled ‘We are not all CIA agents’.

One would agree with him, as there are many right thinking Americans who do not endorse the tricks, ruses and shenanigans of the US administration.The author also candidly acknowledged the services rendered by Pakistanis like Abdul Sattar Eidi and others, but other Americans should also acknowledge that all Pakistanis and for that matter Muslims are not extremists and terrorists. However, the author’s asseveration that every American is not CIA agent is itself emblematic of the fact that the CIA is hated because of its nasty exploits throughout the world. There are many people in the world including intellectuals and analysts who believe that the CIA’s main objective is to keep the world destabilized with a view to creating fear among the Americans to elicit their support to continue America’s policies of domination and invading other countries. Anyhow, the CIA has been involved in overt and covert operations in many countries of the world. In Waziristan, the CIA is conducting drone attacks, and hundreds of innocent people have been killed just for taking out a few dozens of Al Qaeda operatives. Not only families of those victims, but also people of Pakistan in general hate the CIA and America as well. People wonder how the human beings can stoop so low as to use a doctor to launch polio drops campaign with a view to reaching the Osama bin Laden compound. Recently, the way Dr Fai was arrested in the US and dubbed as ISI’s agent was also condemnable. Michael Kugalman was naïve to say that America’s latest reason for being unhappy with Pakistan was the case of aid worker Warren Weinstein, the US citizen recently abducted from his residence in Lahore. He was upset because some Pakistanis proclaimed that Weinstein was a CIA agent, at the same time admitting that a number of Americans are making the same assumption. He also acknowledged that “Americans in Pakistan have been and are connected to security contractor firms and intelligence agencies. And many of the alleged conspiracy theories about CIA agents crawling around the country have been proven true”. The problem is that after Raymond Davis murdered two Pakistanis in broad daylight and American SEALS conducted operation at Abbottabad in the dark night exacerbated the situation and shocked the people of Pakistan. Kugalman further wrote: “Nonetheless, to reflexively assume that any American in the country is tied to the CIA is not only unfair, but also insulting – because it sweepingly dismisses the highly beneficial work done by many Americans in the country, such as, presumably, Weinstein himself”. But he perhaps is not aware that many CIA agents and contractors personnel made their way to Pakistan on the visas of aid workers. Of course, according to Leon Panetta America does not need the ISI for intelligence sharing, which means that the CIA has also employed a large number of Pakistanis including intellectuals, media men and politicians, who day in and day out are trying to create fear in the minds of Pakistanis that without America’s help and aid, Pakistan would not survive.Anyhow, the problem is that the CIA has the long list of its nasty exploits, and it is on its advice that America formulates its policies. Invasion of Iraq on the basis of lies is a case in point. In the past, the US had resorted to unilateral use of force ostensibly to promote democracy in Haiti, Nicaragua and elsewhere in Latin America, thanks to the CIA. It had also intervened forcibly to change regimes, collect debts and restore order. It has not weaned from the poison of sham nationalism, once the hallmark of Nazi Germany. Various US administrations had hatched conspiracies against popular leaders of other countries, and US leadership was responsible for assassination of Lumumba and removal of President Soekarno. Arguably, the US had played its role in stoking Iran-Iraq war, Arab Israel conflict and support for the Contra saboteurs against the revolutionary government of Nicaragua; all transacted through the CIA. The list of its interferences, subversions, controls and overthrowing of Third World governments was too long to be elaborated. Most American leaders have never hidden their motives that they want to dominate the world and control its resources. Equally important is their objective to strengthen Israel and to make it more powerful than all the Arab countries put together. It has to be seen how President Barack Obama can counter Jewish influence on American policies. He, however, has to realize that one of the fundamental reasons that people throughout the world hate America is because of the US’ unqualified support to Israel. Even Osama bin Laden’s avowed objective was that America should quit Saudi Arabia, and that Israel should be forced to withdraw from Palestinian and Arab lands. If one carefully examines bin Laden’s statements, it was Arab nationalism and not religious motives behind his struggle. Even now Israel is not willing to listen to President Obama, and insists on expanding Israeli settlements in the West Bank against Obama’s avowed policy. Anyhow, Obama has to prove that he can bolster confidence of the shaken world. Coming back to the CIA, even its creator Harry S. Truman was disturbed over the new role of the CIA. Already, during his second stint as president he is on record having said: “I never would have agreed to the formulation of the Central Intelligence Agency back in forty-seven, if I had known it would become the American Gestapo.” David Wise, American investigative journalist and writer on intelligence and espionage, in his famous book ‘The American Police State: The government against the people’, confirmed America’s deeds. On page 223 he writes: “The CIA helped to overthrow the government of Iran in 1953 and Guatemala in 1954; it secretly trained Tibetans in Colorado in the late fifties to infiltrate their homeland and fight the Chinese Communists. It supported the rebels fighting Sukarno in 1958. It invaded Cuba at the Bay of Pigs in 1961. It operated a 30,000 man army in Laos in the sixties. It poured millions of dollars into Italy and other Western European countries to support moderate political parties. And it encouraged the military coups in Vietnam and Chile in which the leaders of those countries were killed”. John R. Stockwell, a former CIA officer who became a critic of United States government policies after serving in the Agency for thirteen years, who had managed U.S. involvement in the Angolan Civil War as Chief of the Angola Task Force during its 1975 covert operations. In December 1976 he resigned from the CIA, expressing deep concerns for the methods and results of CIA paramilitary operations in third world countries, and testified before Congressional committees. Two years later, he wrote the book ‘In Search of Enemies’, about that experience and its broader implications. He claimed that the CIA was counterproductive to national security, and that its “secret wars” provided no benefit for the United States. In 1978 he appeared on the popular American television programme 60 Minutes, claiming that CIA Director William Colby and National Security Advisor Henry Kissinger had systematically lied to Congress about the CIA’s operations.