Arrest of a peace promoter?
Dr. Raja Muhammad Khan


The news of the arrest of Dr. Ghlum Nabi Fai, a peace promoter by United States authorities has shocked the Kashmiris living across the globe. This icon of peace is a US national, though originally hailed from the Indian Occupied Kashmir.

He is residing in US since many decades and has largely contributed towards US economy. The charges that the US Justice Department has levelled on Dr. Fai are regretful. It is said that, Dr Fai has been using ISI given money for influencing the US lawmakers to promote Kashmir cause in US against the Indian occupation. The list of charges is really funny and humiliating. Kashmiri never expected that a super power who considered herself as the biggest protector of the human rights in the world could behave like this. This indeed is the most unjust arrest; the US Justice Department has ever undertaken.

Upon critically analysing the arrest of Dr. Fai, one would find that the incident has many implications attached with it. First implication is the timings of the arrest. Dr. GN Fai has been in U.S for years and years, and has been peacefully promoting the Kashmir cause through conferences, seminars, dialogues and at time through peaceful demonstrations to awake the world conscious for the rightful cause of Kashmiris against unjust Indian occupation and repressive acts of Indian security forces on helpless Kashmiri masses. How US Government suddenly discovered that Dr. Fai is being funded by ISI. The timings of the arrest is significant as the US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, was on her four days tour to India, where she was to demonstrate that US is really serious to promote bilateral relations with India at any cost, may that be the negation of its previous commitment. The arrest by US Justice Department has been done in conjunction with CIA to please India, where US could see for itself many future attractions. Indeed, through out during the cold war US has been lending its help for the Kashmir cause and by supporting the UN resolutions, had made many commitments with people of Kashmir to allow them their right of self determination, as provided in the UN Charter. Since Dr. Fai was only promoting the just cause of Kashmiris, as per UN resolution therefore, by arresting him, U.S has indirectly negated its own commitment for promotion of relationship with an oppressor country. The civilized people of United States must be cognizant of this great negation by a particular group of US.

The second significant aspect related with this arrest is the ongoing row of tension between CIA and ISI. Again, the timings are very important. Through this deliberate act, the US intelligence set up; CIA and FBI, desired to humiliate the ISI, by maligning it everywhere and in each aspect. This indeed, is part of US retaliation against ISI, after it opposed the release of a CIA operative, Raymand Davis on multiple charges in Lahore, towards the beginning of this year. The US raid and subsequent defaming campaign of CIA lead US media and officials including Mr. Panetta, the current defence Secretary are part this. Indeed, since the event of Raymond Davis, Pakistani Government and its defence establishment has taken certain security measures and has asked US to call back its undesired elements from Pakistani soil. This group of unwanted US nationals include; CIA operatives involved in anti-Pakistan activities and some of US trainers, no more needed by the defence institutions. Indeed, ISI was suspicious of the undesired activities of these covert CIA operatives and even trainers. In some cases, linkages were traced between these US operatives and the terrorists including the TTP elements. Even Raymond Davis had linkages with many Taliban and other terrorist commanders in FATA area. Most of these CIA operatives were supporting those terrorists who were directly involved in the act of bombing on sensitive areas of Pakistan including armed forces and the Government installations. Some of the linkages have been traced where CIA and RAW are jointly campaigning to internally destabilise Pakistan.

This destabilization of Pakistan indeed designed to attain three objectives. One; to secure a space for India in Afghanistan, where Pakistani opposition could be minimum, thus giving India a free hand to do anything in that country and against Pakistan using Afghan soil. Two; to neutralize Pakistan to an extent where it stop pursuing the Kashmir cause. This is evident from a recent statement of Indian Premier Dr Manmohan Singh, who said that Pakistan would not pursue the Kashmir cause, as it is too much involved in its own internal problems. Three; US desire that Pakistan should combat only those militants who are anti Americans, but should have no role in any future set up of Afghanistan. Since as a sovereign state, Pakistan too desire to protect its national interests, therefore, it has contested the US designs, thus its premium intelligence is being levelled to give money to Kashmiri peace activist for the promotion of Kashmir cause. The third implication indeed would be serious for the US. The secretary of the State has asked India to play an assertive role across the Asia-Pacific, indeed, half of the globe. This would be an open challenge to the authority of the major global actors, who desire a peace in this region. By pitching India against these countries would mean promoting a conflict in the Asia-Pacific. Otherwise, US is promoting India for the containment of the rise power of China. Since Pakistan is all weather, ally and time trusted Chinese friend, therefore, US and India jointly would degrade and defame it to an extent that, it should look inward, rather pursuing other global issues like Kashmir and India should feel free to act globally.

Towards conclusion of her visit, Secretary Clinton made a very realistic remark once she said that, that India and U.S has commonality in the protection of human rights. She might have made these remarks in any context, however, the reality of the matter is that, India has killed over 93000 Kahmiris since 1990 and its Army has raped over 9000 Kashmir women of all age brackets, besides many missing Kashmiris and those who are in Indian jails and other torture centres. Similarly, U.S has its hands full with the blood of millions of Iraqis and Afghans.

There has been a lot bloodshed of Kashmiris at the hands of Indian forces in IHK. If peace-loving people like Dr Fai are arrested for other vested interests, then it should be remembered that you are promoting violence and pushing Kashmiris to the walls. This would compelled Kashmiris to rethink their peaceful political struggle and restart their armed struggle.