Mullah Omar in Afghanistan
Mohammad Jamil


‘The Daily Outlook’ of Afghanistan carried a news the other day that a lady MP claimed to have a meeting with the Taliban’s supreme leader, Mullah Mohammad Omar.

Member of the Afghan parliament Huma Sultani, elected from Ghazni province, said she had a meeting with Mullah Omar about 90 miles away from capital Kabul who signaled consent and willingness to peace talks with the government of Afghanistan. Huma claimed that she could present Omar in front of the public provided his security and safety are guaranteed. American civil and military leaders believed that Mullah Omar and Al Qaeda chief Aiman al-Zawahiri were hiding somewhere in Pakistan just like Osama bin Laden, and asked Pakistan to dig them out otherwise America would launch Special Forces operation against them. Intelligence agencies have been trying to find out his location but all in vain. Unlike Osama, Mullah Omar has only one black and white picture that is commonly available and there are no video clips of him. But this seems to be an effort to give a spin to the story.The Daily Outlook stated: “In the picture — which is quite old — he appears one-eyed, having a long beard and a wearing big turban. By now, many changes must have occurred in the appearance of Omar and this makes his identification based on his available photo quite difficult. Therefore, it is doubted that Huma Sultani has met the genuine Mullah Omar. After all, every man with one eye, wearing turban and having long beard cannot be Mullah Omar”. Doubt was also expressed on the basis that “Mullah Omar used to talk to his visitors from behind a curtain in his house in the used-to-be capital of so-called Emirate of Afghanistan. He extremely detested women coming out their homes, getting education and not wearing burqa. Taliban used to punish the outlaws in open public. Now, if we assume Ms. Huma Sultani’s claim as true — that is, meeting of Mullah Omar with a woman who mostly appears wearing a short scarf that barely covers half of her head — then this is miracle in the history of Afghanistan showing a 180 degree change in Mullah Omar”. American Generals, members of Obama administration, the US and western media have been propagating that Mullah Omer is in Quetta, and Aiman al-Zawahiri is in FATA. Pakistan has asked the US to give information about them to enable its security personnel to arrest them, but so far they have not provided any information. However, a section of international media was skeptical about the Abbottabad operation, and some argued that there was no proof that the man killed was Osama bin Laden, while others were of the view that Osama bin Laden’s dead body was kept in the morgue or cold storage for years, and the drama of killing him was enacted to draw political mileage by befooling the American public and the world at large. The CIA has the expertise in planning false flag operations, and framing the countries that do not fall in line with it. If one starts writing its notorious exploits, it will make a volume running into thousands of pages.David Wise wrote the famous book ‘The American Police State: The government against the people’, which was published in 1976. On page 223 he writes: “The CIA helped to overthrow the government of Iran in 1953 and Guatemala in 1954; it secretly trained Tibetans in Colorado in the late fifties to infiltrate their homeland and fight the Chinese Communists. It supported the rebels fighting Sukarno in 1958. It invaded Cuba at the Bay of Pigs in 1961. It operated a 30,000 men army in Laos in the sixties. It poured millions of dollars into Italy and other Western European countries to support moderate political parties. And it encouraged the military coups in Vietnam and Chile in which the leaders of those countries were killed”. There is incontrovertible evidence that the CIA hatched conspiracies for assassination of Petrice Lumumba. Thanks to the CIA, the US had played its role in stoking Arab-Israel conflict and Iran-Iraq war, and supported the Contra saboteurs against the revolutionary government of Nicaragua. The list of its interferences, subversions, controls and overthrowing of Third World governments was too long to be elaborated. Aftermath of the Second World War saw the devastation of Europe and the emergence of the USSR and other socialist countries on one hand, and the rise of the U.S. as the superpower on the other. The balance of power had changed. Colonialism and imperialist powers realized that it was no longer possible for them to rule the colonies directly as they had done before. The pressure of the movements for independence in the colonies forced them to withdraw, but they left behind ruling elite, reared and educated by it to preserve its interests. The retreating colonial powers created divisions and break-up of colonies at the time of their independence and manipulated certain territorial and border disputes to remain unresolved, which could enable them to keep the neighbouring countries in a state of war. Old Arab states were crushed and new ones were created. Israel was created in place of Palestine. The Congo was divided into Brazzaville and Leopoldville. Vietnam and Korea were both divided into North and South. China was divided into People’s Republic of China and Taiwan and Hong Kong. The Kashmir dispute was created as a thorn in the relationship between India and Pakistan.During 1960s, the CIA was involved in covert operations in Tibet, Guatemala, Cuba, Democratic Republic of Congo, Iraq, Brazil and Ghana, etc. During 1970s, President Allende of Chile was removed through military coup, whose only crime was that he had nationalized copper industry. During this period, the CIA also conducted covert operations in Iraq and Argentina. During 1980s, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Cambodia, Angola, Phillipines and Iraq, in 1990s once again Iraq, in 2002 Venezuela, and in 2004 Haiti were the areas where the CIA has left its marks. Former president Harry S. Truman seeing the havoc the CIA had played, wrote an article captioned ‘Limit CIA role to intelligence’, which was carried by the Washington Post in 1963. He stated: “Some of the complications and embarrassment I think we have experienced are in part attributable to the fact that this quiet intelligence arm of the President has been so removed from its intended role that it is being interpreted as a symbol of sinister and mysterious foreign intrigue.” After Leon Panetta took over as US defense secretary and David Patraeus as Director of the CIA, Pakistan would have to be on its guard. However, if David Patraeus could convince Panetta of meaningfulness of relations between Pentagon and Pakistan military, and convinces him that America needs Pakistan more than Pakistan needs America, it could help achieve success in the war on terror.