Propaganda against Pakistan mounts
Abdul Zahoor Khan Marwat


The propaganda against Pakistan and its national security institutions is mounting following the Osama issue in Abbottabad. While the Western and Indian media never let go of any chance to malign Pakistan, the viciousness of the foreign media is alarming this time.

The knives are already out that Pakistan is a supporter of al-Qaeda and other terrorist outfits and provides sanctuaries to its leaders. Usual rhetoric but with greater ferocity! Nothing can be farther from truth. The foreign media will not tell you that Pakistan has sacrificed thousands of soldiers and security personnel in the war against terrorism. Nor will it tell you that Pakistan has handed over several hundred al-Qaeda terrorists to US. Attempts are being made to create mistrust between Pakistan and the coalition partners in Afghanistan with a vengeance.

Then, the media claims that there are differences between the political and military leadership of the country. The reports in the UK media that Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Kayani had secret meetings with Indian leadership on Kashmir issue are part of such campaigns. In actuality, Pakistanís political and military leadership are on one page on all policy matters.

Economy is one favourite issue for Pakistan bashing. One is told again and again that Pakistan is a failed state. The country has gone bankrupt and will also fail administratively. While the economy is certainly facing acute problems, the overall picture is not that bleak.

Balochistan issue is another much loved topic of anti-Pakistan media. We are told that Pakistan Army is conducting an operation in the province, killing Balochs indiscriminately while the province has more FC posts than schools. A case is made for UN intervention in the province. The COAS has already made it clear that there is no army operation taking place in Balochistan.

The weapons being purchased by Pakistan also come under serious scrutiny. It is claimed that Pakistan is purchasing weapons to fight against India and not for the war on terror. This mostly comes from a neighbouring country, which itself is the top buyer of conventional weapon systems in the world.

While it is true that the country is facing massive problems but the foreign media has only negative themes to portray. In this era of information deluge, it is important for all Pakistanis to see through the sinister designs of some foreign houses, whose only objective is to continue Pakistan bashing.