Drone attacks
Ali Sukhanver


The attacks took place when the ISI Chief was still on his way back to Pakistan.

In the name of the so-called American war on terrorism Pakistan has borne unbearable losses in form of precious lives, property, economy, law and order situation and above all in shape of irreparable psychological traumas. Suicide bombings, kidnapping by foreign-supported terrorists and American drone attacks are the factors that are adding to the misery of the common man. But the US policymakers have never recognized any of these sacrifices. The Western media, the Western think tanks and other stakeholders are always harping on the same string ‘Do More Do More’. They are always engaged in doing all possible effort to smear the image of Pakistan. It must be kept in mind that all roads leading to the peace and prosperity of this region pass through Pakistan. If USA truly desires for a long lasting peace in the region, it will have to review its policies regarding Pakistan before it is too late. The drones may one day turn the whole nation into Taliban.