Donít force us
A Javed


Pakistan has informed the world community in categorical terms that if it continued to support Indiaís nuclear program, Islamabad would be forced to further develop its deterrence failing which there is a danger that South Asian region would confront destabilization.

This warning was sounded by Pakistanís ambassador, Zamir Akram while addressing the opening session of 2011 Conference on disarmament. He was right in his assessment that if Pakistanís arch rival India was allowed to become the member of the Nuclear Suppliers Group and similar other organizations, it would be unfair move against his country because it would permit New Delhi to trade in nuclear materials and atomic weapons. It is known to all and sundry that it was former American President George Bush who signed civil nuclear cooperation agreement with Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh that led to the current day situation where every effort is being made to transform India into the role of a world power. Even if the pretext that this is being done to take care of the fast emerging super power China is accepted, it has serious dangers for the survival of Pakistan. At the same time, President Barrak Obama, during his recent visit to India, assured Premier Singh that it would lend full support to New Delhi for becoming a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council.
It is about time that our leadership realized the grand design of the US and the West to build up India for a role at the world stage. Renewed diplomatic offensive should be launched to make the world community aware of the dangers of such a move that could endanger the peace if the South Asian region. If that is not possible, as part of the Great Game, at least Pakistan should be provided similar opportunities so that it could further advance its nuclear deterrent. There is also a dire need to make American leadership accept that as a frontline state to its international war on terror and that Pakistan has already paid a heavy price in terms of human sacrifices as well as resources. In case the Jewish dominated American Administration refuses to heed to our argument, we must explore all options at our command.