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Karachi carnage, RAW suspect
S M Hali

KARACHI incident of 13 May in which 45 innocent Pakistanis (belonging to Ismaili Sect) have been brutally killed has been condemned by all and sundry. Unfortunately, it appears to be the machination of the Indian spy agency RAW, which has been working full time to destabilize Pakistan as well as create disturbances to sabotage the Pak – China economic corridor (CPEC) by indicating to the Chinese that if Pakistan government is not able to provide security to its citizens, how can it protect CPEC. Prior to this incident, Sabeen Mehmood was also killed by RAW to drive a wedge between Balochistan and rest of Pakistan.

Unfortunately, a progressive group in Pakistan is trying to belie our foreign office’s claim that RAW is actively involved in subversive activities in Pakistan. Some pseudo intellectuals would like to sacrifice Pakistan’s security at the altar of human rights. They are demanding that the Foreign Office promise of sharing proof of RAW’s subversive activities in Pakistan with India be made public. They have been holding seminars, writing columns and raising slogans in the name of good practice.
My learned friends have been quoting the example of the Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS), the Karachi University (KU), which were discouraged from holding discussions titled ‘Baloch missing persons and the role of state and society’. The event was a commemorative service for the fallen civil rights activist Sabeen Mahmud who was murdered right after hosting a panel discussion on Balochistan’s plight at her Karachi café, The Second Floor (T2F), on April 24, 2015.
At Karachi, when the event was cancelled by the University authorities to maintain the sanctity and sensitivity of the subject, the organizers held the event outside the premises of the University and clandestinely brought in Baloch human rights campaigner Mama Qadeer Baloch to speak on the issue.
It is being alleged that freedom of speech is being curbed while the free voices are being gagged. It should be understood that Pakistan is passing through very trying times and the very survival of the nation is at stake. If an organization, which is responsible and does not utter a single word contrary to diplomatic nuances, claims that Indian Spy Agency RAW is behind the trouble in Pakistan, it should neither be doubted nor challenged. If the Indian External Affairs Ministry were to challenge the statements of its Pakistani counterparts, it would be understandable for they are the root of the problem. For bona-fide Pakistanis to raise a hue and cry on the subject is questionable. Perhaps such conscientious objectors are not fully cognizant of the gravity of the situation in Balochistan. Security forces, residents of Balochistan, with a different ethnic origin e.g. from Punjab or Karachi are being made to disappear by the scores and the culpable parties are insurgents or those agents of the enemy, who are not fighting for any human rights but are mercenaries or miscreants. Has there been
The Prime Minister of Pakistan flew to Kabul with his team of foreign office and defence advisors, comprising the Advisor on national Security, the Army Chief and the Director General of ISI. Reportedly, before the departure for Kabul high level team, went into a huddle at the PM House, where they discussed threadbare the modus operandi of the visit and talks. High on their agenda was the involvement of RAW in launching anti Pakistan surreptitious operations form Afghanistan into Balochistan, Karachi and rest of Pakistan. One-on-One discussions between heads of states especially of a sensitive nature as discussed above do not reach the Press. This scribe was not privy to the discussion either but has a fair idea of the gist of the matter discussed.
True that Balochistan has been neglected and denied its rights but for the past many years, Pakistan Armed Forces and the Government have bent backward to launch development projects, recruit Baloch youth into the Armed Forces and bureaucracy and uplift the downtrodden province.
Many Baloch youth have been misled and recruited by enemies of the state to carry out operations against their own province.

There are always two sides of an argument. If the government of Pakistan is providing opportunities to the misled youth to lay down their arms and join the mainstream, perhaps their grievances can also be resolved amicably.
Instead of condemning the armed forces of Pakistan or the law enforcement agencies and blaming them of committing ignoble deeds, it would be prudent to look at the whole picture and not get carried away by occidental vogues of freedom of speech. After all, in the garb of freedom of speech, caricatures of the Holy Prophet (MBUH) and cartoon competitions are also being launched, but all sane minds are critical of such atrocious activities.
Similarly, in Pakistan, we need to be patient and let the Foreign Office, the Ministry of Interior and Law Enforcing Agencies conduct their operations as they are all collectively fighting the “Battle for Pakistan”.
If they fail, what to talk of freedom of speech, we will lose our very independence and freedom and become serfs and minions to those who want to subjugate us and use our own brethren against us. Freedom of speech is a favourable ideal but its pursuit sometimes gets glossed over by furtive deeds.
No one has counted the bodies of the security and the non Balochi people found in mass graves, massacred by those who believe decapitation of humans is justified in the way of demanding their rights. Let good sense prevail.