South Asia Research and Analysis Studies

Terrorism, Justice and the People
Alam Rind

Terrorism for sure is a potent tool at the disposal of belligerent powers to coerce, degrade and totally mutilate the society of the target state. Like war, it is also an instrument to continue state policy through other means. Wars have been fought for immediate results. In that warring parties confront each other on the battle ground. The valiantís and powerful carry the day while weak get humiliated and are subjugated. War in spite of its evils has its norms; cruel yet noble. What we see in terrorism is nothing but cunning and deceitful manipulations of perceptual mosaic of the people. Dissent is created to mislead masses and to push them towards ultimate disaster. This is often done in the name of religion. Religion provides the strongest motivating force especially once people are already disillusioned due to deprivation and poverty. Such a situation is taken advantage of by the adversaries. They just continue to fund and arm such rouge outfits so that they could continue to degrade the state to a level where it collapses under its own weight.

The notion that so called Taliban are fighting for the cause of Islam has dwindled. In Pakistan they are not fighting against any occupation forces rather are targeting innocent men, women and children without any distinction of cast, creed or color. Their acts either are directed towards breaking the will of the people or are focused at reducing the strategic capacity of our Armed Forces. Attacks on GHQ, Mehran and Kamra air bases and that on Peshawar airport couldnít have been planned by novice and emotionally charged religious zealots. It was certainly the crafty work of hostile intelligence agencies, which knew the location of sensitive equipment like long range surveillance aircraft. In recent incidents foreigners constitute integral part of the attacking contingent. In attack on Peshawar airport presumably Tajiks and Uzbiks with tattoos on their bodies were killed. Having tattoos on the body is considered as an utterly un-Islamic practice as it prevents an individual from having proper ablution. Similarly, in 2nd February attack on an army camp at irrigation colony at Serai Naurang out of the four bodies of the terrorists held by security agencies, three were of foreigners those who had not undergone circumcision. These incidents clearly reflect that these so called Taliban are under foreign influence and are working to further their agenda.
These essentially anti-state and anti-Islam forces are taking cover of the religion to further the designs of their masters. As a matter of fact these terrorist neither subscribe to any sect nor care for any. They are just using Islam to find safe sanctuary with simple, relatively less educated but true Muslims those who are willing to sacrifice everything for the sack and glory of their religion. Their ability to mix-up with the masses makes it extremely difficult for the law enforcing agencies to track and capture them. Their difficulties are further compounded by the fact that once these terrorists are captured they are let off by the courts due to want of evidence. People out of fear are mostly unwilling to give evidence in the court of law. Circumstantial evidence at times fails to meet prevalent legal requirements. While the investigations carried out by law enforcing agencies canít be used as evidence. The governments failure to enact appropriate laws to check terrorism is negatively effecting the moral of the security agencies. On the other hand their release is strengthening the hands of the terrorists. The inability of the state to administer justice is proving highly detrimental for the security of the country.
The sufferings of Pakistaniís at the hands of terrorists are unprecedented. Loss of life of over 30,000 innocent civilians and about 4000 security personals makes it our war. The leniency and indifference exhibited by the government in punishing the terrorists is having its toll. This menace can not be checked unless its perpetrators are punished and made example of. They donít deserve any compassion for being tools in the hand of their foreign masters and for killing their own kith and kin for the sack of money. How, the people those who are damaging their own country can qualify to be dealt with normal laws. It would be for the sack of justice to thousands of parents, sisters, wifeís and children those who have lost their loved ones that these terrorist must be punished. It is a collective responsibility of government, judiciary and media to bring these scalawags to justice. Media has an important role in educating people and in removing the dissension from the minds of the public. It is through the collective effort that we can get out of this difficult situation.