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Gilgit-Baltistan is integral part of Pakistan: analysts
Waqar Ahmed

Gilgit-Baltistan (GB) is an integral part of Pakistan and its native population is totally loyal and patriotic to the country, authoritative sources in the federal capital have stated while reacting to a propaganda campaign launched to prove otherwise.

The propaganda launched in foreign countries not only distorts the historical truth about the GB and Pakistan but also instigates separatist notions for the target audience. The elements sponsoring the campaign, while advocating resumption of traffic and trade across LoC (from GB to Ladakh), oppose building of dams, expressways, railways and gas pipelines by government of Pakistan, propagating that it will damage the ecosystem.

“We are closely monitoring the psychological operations being carried out from abroad,” said the sources while adding that the chief aim of the exercise was to make Gilgit-Baltistan controversial and its people disconcerted.

The sources pointed out that the exercise, whose chief patrons were foreign elements and expatriate Pakistanis, was an indirect approach to exploit the petty issues and local rivalries with a view to damage the national interests of Pakistan. “We have found that the element of sectarianism in the region is not an isolated phenomenon; it is being spread to create chaos.”

Sources said following the decision of handing over the Gwadar Port to China, they expected a new campaign to target the sensitive region that borders China.

The sources added there was no question about Gilgit-Baltistan being a part of Pakistan and its people had taken part in three wars with India.